There is nothing like getting caught up in someone else's excitement and passion to ignite your own enthusiasm for a subject. My discovery of other ladies blogs has done just that. For that.... I thank you!

First.... earlier this month I accepted Judy L's Use the Stash Challenge. It was kind of an accidental acceptance. The Adult Ed quilt class I attend was starting a new project. I love working on the same project at the same time as other friends. But I had also made the conscious choice not to purchase any more fabric until I had made a serious dent on my stash. While searching thru one of my stashes..... yes, I do have my fabrics scattered in several places around the house, something I am working on fixing ..... I found the perfect fabric for the class project and better yet, there was enough of it. *VBS* All it needs now is the borders. The project is from the One Block Wonders book by Maxine Rosenthal. Here is my version.

And then..... I discovered Bonnie Hunter's website and blog. Talk about inspiration. I had several giant 'duh' moments.... like how to organize and use my growing scrap collection. Yay! Finally ..... direction on how to tame the beast. But that's not all. A little more exploration and I found a topic titled leaders and enders. Ok..... biggest duh moment! Suffice it to say I will use my pretrimed scraps as leaders and enders from this point forward. The following photo is of my first leader and ender quilt. This one will go to a deserving kid through my guild.

Hip hip hooray for inspirational women!


Diana said…
Hi! I just found your blog and I LOVE your one block wonder quilt! It is gorgeous. I started one a summer or so ago but it's still in pieces, in a bag, somewhere in my sewing room.

I so glad to see your other beautiful quilts, too. Welcome to blogland!
Welcome to the world of quilt blogs - who needs to go out? Love your batik. Men seem to go for the batiks; I read on someone's blog recently that she told her husband she had made a list of who her fabric was to go to when she died. Apparently he piped up with "can I keep the batiks?". The red quilt is great too. I had a 'duh' moment when I read about Leader-Enders, but it isn't working for me - it tends to take over from the original project!

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