Thursday, January 8, 2015

First finish of 2015 and progress on my Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt

I should have called it Evolution. It started out as a simple charm pack project ....

simple being the operative word...... too simple.

So I sliced the blocks and added thin strips. Better.

Add more strips. Set it on point. Much better. Introducing ..... Treillage.
I'm hoping it will bring comfort and cheer to a friend undergoing treatment for cancer.

The mystery quilt is moving forward too. Maybe I'll actually get this one done before the next one starts. Ha! All the blocks and sashing units are done. I'm doing a 4 X 5 layout so I know there will be some math involved recalculating the first border..... I'll worry about that when I get there.

Check out GIMQ progress by others on Bonnie's linkup.

Quilt on!


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Keeping up - mostly

Step 1 - is done. Finished that last night. Woohoo!

Step 2 - I work 8 hours most Fridays, but the 5th was an exception. No, I did not take it off to work on the mystery. Haha. While many were stitching away, my adult daughters and I took their dad to see Cars Land at Disney's California Adventure. He restores old cars as a hobby and is an all around old car nut, so the visit was on his bucket list. It was pretty fun to watch him explore. And of course, before we left, we revisited after nightfall, when neon lit the land.

Saturday found me making a few sample blocks. I tried method 2 and it worked! (After reprinting the paper template.... I'm guilty of not reading Bonnie's instructions clear through to the end for the %100 version)
I finished up step 1 before quilt cam was to start last night and was starting the chain for mass production of step 2 when word came from Bonnie that the quilt cam gods were not cooperating. But that did not stop me..... I kept stitching till I ran out of cut pieces. Tonight when I get home, I'll cut the remaining black and pink triangles.

Happy stitching everyone. Hope you are enjoying the process, whatever pace that is for you!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Starting Grand Illusion

Yep. I started the latest Bonnie Hunter Mystery.

Last spring I signed up for two Bonnie Hunter workshops our guild was hosting in October 2014. To justify starting two new projects in those workshops, I made a deal with myself. I would finish the other projects I had in progress from her patterns by Oct. I came close.

I finished the top and quilted Jared Takes a Wife, started in a Bonnie workshop at Road to California, er..... cough... years ago.

The borders on Jared were fabrics from a good friends deceased father's shirts. The quilt now lives with her. Here it is on her guest bed.

I finished the top on Pfeffernusse. Borders got added to Easy Street. I decided that Orca bay would go on a day bed, so I recalculated how many units I would need and got that center together. Hoping to have photos to share on these soon.

So off to the workshops I went, with little guilt. Two new projects from her latest book. Winston Ways and Scrap Crystals. Love them both and can't wait to continue working on them.

And the guilt meter is still registering on the low side so why not start the new mystery?! I really missed not participating last year. I'm making roughly 3/4 of the units in the directions because I don't need this quilt to be as big.

The first broken dish unit I made didn't have the contrast I envisioned. Back to the stash.

I like the second audition much better. I'm knocking off a few more broken dish units each night after work. Happy stitching.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A New Normal

As the saying goes ..... what a difference a year makes.

The last time I posted, I was working the 2013 Padres season, waiting to hear if/what school's library I would work at, finished a visit with my son, daughter and her beau.

Fast forward a year. Just finished my 10th season with the Padres. Did not get a comparable school library offer (more schools with less hours is not a recipe for success). Starting my second "season" with a dance costume designer's company. Daughter moved on from her beau of 4 years and is getting to know a new guy in her life.

In between .... so much.

DH helped his nephew complete a weekend home last fall. Thanksgiving and an open house celebrated a new family gathering place.

I started working for an amazing lady who designs and makes custom dance costumes. A fun job with fun people .... I'm very blessed.

Early January brought the passing of Jerry Coleman. He was such a major part of the organization for decades .... so hard to imagine the park without him.

Less than a week later our family suffered a great loss when my DH's 57 yr old sister passed away very unexpectedly. Judy was such a positive person and our family's social coordinator .... but beyond that she was a special friend and quilting buddy. I miss her so much.

Spring brought our youngest's college graduation and job search. SO proud of that girl!

In March a new to us fur kid joined the menagerie ..... the absolutely sweetest dog we've ever had. Miss Lovie the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

As if loosing Jerry Coleman wasn't enough, in June Tony Gwynn passed away. So, so hard to say good bye to another man I had such respect for.

Summer brought a job offer to the new college grad ...... in her home town. Woohoo!

No post season for the boys again this year, so what's a ballpark to do? How about an exclamation point to the season in the form of a Sir Paul McCartney concert? SO amazing!

It has been such a roller coaster of a year ...... amazing highs and heart breaking lows .... a new normal to navigate.  The one constant has been the healing outlet of quilting. Photos of progress soon.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Something Old, Something New

I took a road trip early in July. I needed a kid fix. Yes, my kids are all adults, but two of them live in other parts of the state and there is nothing like catching up with them in person.

First stop was a couple nights with my SIL and her family. It was fun to visit with them and discover a couple quilt shops near their east Bay Area home. Then I hit the road for South Lake Tahoe via  Stockton and Placerville quilt shops. Did I mention my trip was during the crazy heat wave we had during late June and early July??? 107 in San Fernando Valley, 106 in Buellton, 111 in Paso Robles, 106 in Pleasanton, 108 in Placerville. I arrived in South Lake Tahoe to 86 and a thunderstorm. 86 had never felt so great!

My son lives and works in South Lake Tahoe. We caught up, played a couple new (to me) board games and ate some yummy food. While there I noticed a quilt I made him 11 years ago. Some of the fabrics are faded and wearing very thin. Definitely well loved. I would love to make another one like it so I laid it out on his floor and snapped a couple photos. Of course, my grand kitty Alyx helped.

It doesn't look too bad from a distance.

From South Lake Tahoe I traveled to The City.... (San Francisco). I stayed with a high school friend and her family. My youngest daughter is living and working a summer internship south of The City. We all attended a block party at a park along a canal on the 4th of July, THE canal that leads to McCovey Cove. Even though the Giants were out of town, this baseball fanatic couldn't pass up an opportunity to walk around AT&T Park. 

Stacey, her beau and Willie Mays. 

Fast forward to yesterday. Here is the something new. 

This quilt went to it's new owner. You might remember I started this several months ago, partly as a sample for a BOM for a quilt guild and partly as a gift. 

The special lady in the middle is taking it home to Canada.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May update

Another month whizzes by! When I'm working both jobs, sometimes a week or more will go by without me getting to touch a sewing machine. Sigh! Or when I do, customer work comes first. This past weekend was heaven. All customer work was done, the Padres are out of town so I finished up the top Gentle Art for the AYOS Vintage Schnibbles sew along. And finally I started sewing together blocks for my version of Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street. I also added the binding to a OLD ufo, a Stack n Whack using a colorful trout fabric and refreshed the potted plants on the front porch/deck. Love it when I can play and not feel guilty!

Here are a few finishes...

Jennifer's version of Easy Street. Second one I've quilted for someone. These babies are BIG!

Miss Rosie's Schnibble pattern "Gentle Art" made with 2 charm packs of French General's Fa la la la la.

My version of Easy Street on the design floor.

And a goofy photo of Colby. We joke he's hanging on, ready for an earthquake. I will find him sleeping like this but if his eyes are open, it could also mean he's ready to pounce.

Hopefully I will have more to show next month.... 'School's out for summer' (you're welcome for the earworm!) in a few days. Can't wait!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

End of April wrap up

And March for that matter. Yes, I'm a bad blogger. In my defense, I've been productive and working the second job too. Without further ado.... some of the finishes starting with the most recent.

My version of the Schnibbles pattern Hat Trick by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. This is made using two charm packs of Twiggy by Sanae. There were only 34 squares per pack so I added one other background fabric to make it work. Sinta and Sherri are hosting Another Year of Schnibbles (AYOS) and I'm hoping to participate as time allows. I do LOVE Carrie Nelson's (Miss Rosie's) patterns.

Center of the custom medallion quilt. This was a quilt top completed by a quilting friend who passed away last summer. She had marked the top and I tried to stay true to the areas she had marked. The trapunto doves were her idea.

Lots of ruler work.

The final border. It did turn out nice. I had forgotten how much time custom ruler work takes. I know her family will cherish this and a couple other of her final projects.
The crib size Discontinuity top is done sans a good pressing. The designer recommended not ironing during the construction process to avoid distortion. One of these days I'll take it on.

I did finish the Playing with Jacks top and hope to quilt it soon. Photos to follow.

Miles and Paisley say bye for now.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Quilt center together

I needed to get this project off the design wall (it's also the covering of a shelving unit) so it was just easier to stitch the blocks together. It needs a good pressing but here it is...

(Edit: quilt pattern is Playing with Jacks, a freebie from Bonnie Hunter)

I did something fun on Saturday. I have oodles of quarters so I loaded $20 in a baggie and set out driving around town looking for garage sales. Quest: To see how many cotton shirts I could find in 2 hours with my 80 quarters. 2 hours later I was home with $10 in my bag and a laundry basket packed with 16 shirts, a girls dress, 2 womens tops and a pair of boys plaid shorts. One shirt did get hijacked.... DH liked one and claimed it. LOL! Let the deboning begin.