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Musical machines

Think Chinese fire drill. With sewing machines. But let me back up.

I collect old sewing machines. I've lost count and perhaps I don't really want to know how many there are. But they're everywhere. Mostly in cases.

I prefer to piece quilt tops with a straight stitch machine. Old straight stitch machines produce a wonderful stitch. Many of the machines are straight stitchers. A couple months ago my main piecer, a black 1940's Necchi BF,  started acting up. The thread kept breaking when I tried to go "faster". After many attempts at trouble shooting possible causes, I cried 'uncle'. A little voice said....You know.... you DO have other machines. So the beloved Necchi was put away and will be given a thorough going through at a future date. Cabinets were swapped mom's old Horn cabinet is more accommodating to changing out machines and the first machine to audition was a recently acquired late 40's Singer Featherweight (aka model 221…

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