Where did April go?

Oh yeah, baseball started. This year we have an abundance of changes and new hires. It's going to be a good season once we settle in, it's just getting there that is exhausting.

But the month wasn't all baseball. Quilting happened.

I was struggling with tension issues on the long arm. It was recommended that I get a new bobbin case. Who knew? Obviously not me. This was my 'practice' piece with the new case.....I don't 'practice' on customer tops.
Calling this one Jungle Rain. Into the awaiting binding pile.

Approximately 10 months ago I decided to try hand piecing again after discovering Mickey Depre's roundabout method. She had a block called Castle Wall that had caught my eye. When she debuted a Burst expansion to the Castle Wall block, I took a leap and ordered the templates. Little did I know at the time, it really wasn't a beginner block. But when has that ever stopped me. Ha! 10 months later I have 7 blocks done and am working on #8. Each block has some Australian fabrics in it. Oh, did I mention the blocks are huge....18" each. I need 16 blocks total so this will be a multi year project. I do love the process though!! Here are the finished blocks so far.

Sewing machine collecting (and using, I might add) is still happening. Give me an old metal machine any day. This 404 came home with me last Friday. It's in need of some new parts and cleaning TLC. Hope to have it purring soon.




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