Keeping up - mostly

Step 1 - is done. Finished that last night. Woohoo!

Step 2 - I work 8 hours most Fridays, but the 5th was an exception. No, I did not take it off to work on the mystery. Haha. While many were stitching away, my adult daughters and I took their dad to see Cars Land at Disney's California Adventure. He restores old cars as a hobby and is an all around old car nut, so the visit was on his bucket list. It was pretty fun to watch him explore. And of course, before we left, we revisited after nightfall, when neon lit the land.

Saturday found me making a few sample blocks. I tried method 2 and it worked! (After reprinting the paper template.... I'm guilty of not reading Bonnie's instructions clear through to the end for the %100 version)
I finished up step 1 before quilt cam was to start last night and was starting the chain for mass production of step 2 when word came from Bonnie that the quilt cam gods were not cooperating. But that did not stop me..... I kept stitching till I ran out of cut pieces. Tonight when I get home, I'll cut the remaining black and pink triangles.

Happy stitching everyone. Hope you are enjoying the process, whatever pace that is for you!


Vireya said…
Pretty blocks, and a beautiful machine!

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