Starting Grand Illusion

Yep. I started the latest Bonnie Hunter Mystery.

Last spring I signed up for two Bonnie Hunter workshops our guild was hosting in October 2014. To justify starting two new projects in those workshops, I made a deal with myself. I would finish the other projects I had in progress from her patterns by Oct. I came close.

I finished the top and quilted Jared Takes a Wife, started in a Bonnie workshop at Road to California, er..... cough... years ago.

The borders on Jared were fabrics from a good friends deceased father's shirts. The quilt now lives with her. Here it is on her guest bed.

I finished the top on Pfeffernusse. Borders got added to Easy Street. I decided that Orca bay would go on a day bed, so I recalculated how many units I would need and got that center together. Hoping to have photos to share on these soon.

So off to the workshops I went, with little guilt. Two new projects from her latest book. Winston Ways and Scrap Crystals. Love them both and can't wait to continue working on them.

And the guilt meter is still registering on the low side so why not start the new mystery?! I really missed not participating last year. I'm making roughly 3/4 of the units in the directions because I don't need this quilt to be as big.

The first broken dish unit I made didn't have the contrast I envisioned. Back to the stash.

I like the second audition much better. I'm knocking off a few more broken dish units each night after work. Happy stitching.



kalamityk said…
I like the second color choice, too! Nice work on your other Bonnie quilts. I think 3/4 will make a nice lap size quilt.

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