A New Normal

As the saying goes ..... what a difference a year makes.

The last time I posted, I was working the 2013 Padres season, waiting to hear if/what school's library I would work at, finished a visit with my son, daughter and her beau.

Fast forward a year. Just finished my 10th season with the Padres. Did not get a comparable school library offer (more schools with less hours is not a recipe for success). Starting my second "season" with a dance costume designer's company. Daughter moved on from her beau of 4 years and is getting to know a new guy in her life.

In between .... so much.

DH helped his nephew complete a weekend home last fall. Thanksgiving and an open house celebrated a new family gathering place.

I started working for an amazing lady who designs and makes custom dance costumes. A fun job with fun people .... I'm very blessed.

Early January brought the passing of Jerry Coleman. He was such a major part of the organization for decades .... so hard to imagine the park without him.

Less than a week later our family suffered a great loss when my DH's 57 yr old sister passed away very unexpectedly. Judy was such a positive person and our family's social coordinator .... but beyond that she was a special friend and quilting buddy. I miss her so much.

Spring brought our youngest's college graduation and job search. SO proud of that girl!

In March a new to us fur kid joined the menagerie ..... the absolutely sweetest dog we've ever had. Miss Lovie the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

As if loosing Jerry Coleman wasn't enough, in June Tony Gwynn passed away. So, so hard to say good bye to another man I had such respect for.

Summer brought a job offer to the new college grad ...... in her home town. Woohoo!

No post season for the boys again this year, so what's a ballpark to do? How about an exclamation point to the season in the form of a Sir Paul McCartney concert? SO amazing!

It has been such a roller coaster of a year ...... amazing highs and heart breaking lows .... a new normal to navigate.  The one constant has been the healing outlet of quilting. Photos of progress soon.


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