Something Old, Something New

I took a road trip early in July. I needed a kid fix. Yes, my kids are all adults, but two of them live in other parts of the state and there is nothing like catching up with them in person.

First stop was a couple nights with my SIL and her family. It was fun to visit with them and discover a couple quilt shops near their east Bay Area home. Then I hit the road for South Lake Tahoe via  Stockton and Placerville quilt shops. Did I mention my trip was during the crazy heat wave we had during late June and early July??? 107 in San Fernando Valley, 106 in Buellton, 111 in Paso Robles, 106 in Pleasanton, 108 in Placerville. I arrived in South Lake Tahoe to 86 and a thunderstorm. 86 had never felt so great!

My son lives and works in South Lake Tahoe. We caught up, played a couple new (to me) board games and ate some yummy food. While there I noticed a quilt I made him 11 years ago. Some of the fabrics are faded and wearing very thin. Definitely well loved. I would love to make another one like it so I laid it out on his floor and snapped a couple photos. Of course, my grand kitty Alyx helped.

It doesn't look too bad from a distance.

From South Lake Tahoe I traveled to The City.... (San Francisco). I stayed with a high school friend and her family. My youngest daughter is living and working a summer internship south of The City. We all attended a block party at a park along a canal on the 4th of July, THE canal that leads to McCovey Cove. Even though the Giants were out of town, this baseball fanatic couldn't pass up an opportunity to walk around AT&T Park. 

Stacey, her beau and Willie Mays. 

Fast forward to yesterday. Here is the something new. 

This quilt went to it's new owner. You might remember I started this several months ago, partly as a sample for a BOM for a quilt guild and partly as a gift. 

The special lady in the middle is taking it home to Canada.



kwiltnkats said…
I thought for a moment you had a new kitty! Sounds like it's time for a new quilt...that will be fun for you. Wow a hot visit indeed, with all the traveling in the car and the A/C set I hope you were comfy getting from place to place. I'm sure your friend will love your gorgeous red/white/black quilt as much as everyone who has seen it. Sandi

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