First finish of 2015 and progress on my Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt

I should have called it Evolution. It started out as a simple charm pack project ....

simple being the operative word...... too simple.

So I sliced the blocks and added thin strips. Better.

Add more strips. Set it on point. Much better. Introducing ..... Treillage.
I'm hoping it will bring comfort and cheer to a friend undergoing treatment for cancer.

The mystery quilt is moving forward too. Maybe I'll actually get this one done before the next one starts. Ha! All the blocks and sashing units are done. I'm doing a 4 X 5 layout so I know there will be some math involved recalculating the first border..... I'll worry about that when I get there.

Check out GIMQ progress by others on Bonnie's linkup.

Quilt on!



Love your GI, the green makes the middle block pop.
Vireya said…
Love your colours for the mystery. And Treillage is beautiful.

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