It's about time

I’m a little embarrassed to admit, but this is the first official quilt made specifically by me for my husband. We have several quilts around to choose from if warming up is necessary. Little over a year ago I asked my DH what type of quilt/fabric he would like. He piped up with “batiks.” Fast forward to a couple months ago. The Adult Ed “class” I attend decided to do a batik strip exchange. Yay! I love batiks! I dug enough batiks out of my stash for the swap…. Woohoo! … It is time I started doing something about the sheer volume of fabric in the stash so it felt great to use some up. But duh, I got an equivalent amount of fabric back. In sorting thru my stash, I discovered a group of blocks I won in a guild BOM drawing. Wow, two birds with one stone….. use the strips from the exchange to make more cobblestone blocks, then add those to the 40 from the drawing and wha-la, a batik quilt for my DH. =) The icing on the cake … I got it done in time to surprise him for Valentine’s Day.

A good soaking rain
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Bingo~Bonnie said…
Last year I swapped batik noodles (2.5" strips) but have yet to do anything with them. I had in mind a log cabin but I like the look of your quilt - looks pretty simple.

That is so sweet you finished it for your dh in time for Valentine's Day!!! What a special way to show him you love him. To me, snuggeling with a quilt is the same as a hug from a loved one :c) ~Bonnie

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