Good Things

....... can happen in threes.

#1 - DD#2 (trumpet girl) came home from her first rehersal of a local community concert band with a big ole smile on her face. She had fun. Imagine that!?! I could have said "I told you so." but I didn't. But I was the last one smiling! =)

#2 - Sent off our deposit to reserve a Egyptian Mau Kitten for trumpet girl. =)

#3 - At quilt class this week a gal donated a big stack of charms; ones she didn't want anymore. The teacher decided to draw names for the charms...... twas my lucky day. =) Check it out.


Thanks so much for popping in to visit my blog. I'll be visiting yours on a regular basis. I love what you've done with Holiday in Paris - I have those fabrics aging in a project bag. LOL
Patti said…
Oh, what pretty charms! So perfectly like spring - any idea what you'll do with them?

Great picture of your daughter!

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