Great weekend!

Superior! The kids did great yesterday. Superior is the highest rating awarded at a music festival. There were two percussion ensembles with 11 kids between the two. My DD#2 decided not to do her trumpet solo so it was just percussion pieces for her this time. Hopefully things will work out with scheduling and the accompanist at the next one.

I did get the blue sampler quilt together this weekend .... well, minus the borders but all the blocks and pieced setting triangles are done. Yippee! Another flimsy almost done AND all but one of the blue fabrics were from my stash. It feels soooooo good to use my stash. I am going to have to shop for the borders tho..... there is not enough of the "right" stuff. Later this week my MIL and I are going to hit a few LQS.... and now I have a legitimate excuse to buy some. LOL I will post pictures tomorrow.

Fun stuff. My DD#2 taught Snoopy a new trick today. He's got SIT, SHAKE and DANCE down pretty good. Actually, he dances anytime he can with hopes he will get extra treats. This morning my DH was standing near the treats so he got quite a performance. I told him a treat was being requested...... he's so NOT a dog person. Heehee. I told him he might want to move away from the treats if he didn't want the begging to continue adnasium. The new trick is adorable. She tells him to give her "High 5". He gets on his hind legs and gives her High 10. :-). Here is a picture of him.... all 16 lbs. He's your basic Heinz 57 terrier mix. He adopted us. He would escape our neighbors yard and crawl into ours, to play with our German Shepherd. So he came to us with the name Snoopy. If it wasn't for the neighbor's kids, I think I would have changed his name to Yoda. LOL. Now that Trevor is gone, he is my constant shadow.


What a cute little fellow. He has landed on his feet at your house by the sound of it. I have a beagle, Simon - more suited to the name Snoopy!

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