Happy Birthday!

DD #1 is 19 years old today. It's her first birthday away from home. She is in her 1st year of college and had her last final exam of the winter quarter today. Calculus no less. Poor baby. I sent her a text message, not knowing what time her exam was. She called me back after her exam ... and a nap. Her roommate got her a cake. She gave it to her at midnight. No doubt they were all up studying. Tomorrow morning she has to be at the train depot at 6:30 am for her ride south for spring break. I promised her I would make a special meal for her tomorrow night.... heehee, I didn't need to ask her what she wanted. She loves anything with potatoes and broccoli but her favorite is steamed broccoli with lemon butter and potato packets (thinly sliced potatoes & onions, seasoned with milk, butter, salt and ground pepper, then wrapped in heavy duty foil and cooked on the bbq for 40 min). LOL she added she would like some meat with it.... nothing in particular; I could choose. Well, I chose a tri-tip roast. Yummy stuff. Lots of cholesterol but once in a while, for a special occasion......

This photo was taken at Thanksgiving. DS is on the left, DD#2 in the middle and the birthday girl on the right. DS called me today to tell me he finally decided to stay in town and finish his final 5 units. Long story short it took the university transcript review folks 9 months to review his records and come to the conclusion he was missing the cultural pluralism GE requirement. They delivered this news after the add a class date of his final quarter. Geez! He was supposed to be done with his double major BA in English and Philosophy tomorrow. They were going to let him complete those units on an online university since they are lower division units. After weighing all the options tho, he decided to stay and finish them at Poly. At least his sister will have a kitchen to cook in next quarter. Next year she will have her own apartment & kitchen.


tami said…
It's my DD's birthday today too! She's 23 today and living in Denver, so far away. :c(

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