Part Two

Last Friday night I found a second wind (after arriving home about 10pm from DD#2 music performance), stayed up late and got all the borders on a class quilt. It's Eleanor Burns "Morning Star". Nothing fancy but I wanted to stitch along with the class and I had some great fabrics in my stash. Then on Saturday morning I made the binding and back. The saving grace about that back was I got to use a 3+ yard piece I had just purchased ..... without a specific use in mind. I haven't felt that guilty about buying fabric in a long time so I'm relieved I'm off the hook. I guess all the stashbusting talk is soaking into my subconscious. =)

That quilt will have a new home soon. A gal at my kids school is retiring at the end of the year .... she was supposed to retire this month but they talked her into waiting. Yeah, she's good. It's going to be pretty chaotic with out her. She told me she wants to learn to quilt when she retires so the quilt will serve two purposes..... Congratulations on your retirement AND You too can do this. Heehee. Pics when I get it quilted. Shouldn't be too long, only three customer quilts left.

Saturday afternoon found me making a challenge block for a retreat. I hadn't planned to do that yet as the retreat isn't till the end of May but I was doing some clean up and a lot of the fabrics I wanted to use in that block were already out. It seemed silly to put them away then drag them out again in a month. I used up a bunch of left over blue strings. It turned out ok but I think I would use a fabric foundation next time. I used starch but the biases still stretched. This year's theme: Patriotic. Wheee!

Over the weekend I joined the Heartstrings Yahoo Group and I spend part of Sunday preparing samples for our adult ed class. Several of the ladies said they want to work on the project with me. Got those done and was about to put the strings back in their drawer when I remembered the guild BOM for April is small batik string blocks. Whipped those up in no time flat. Think I've caught the String Block Bug.... try saying that fast three times. I have to laugh..... my very first string quilt was completed last fall. It was part of a Girl Scout Gold Award project and she did not give me enough fabric for the center corner to corner strings. I remember stressing about it at the time. Now it makes me laugh. That's the beauty of string quilts. . . the randomness of them.

Yesterday I got out my Pfaff for a different sort of project. A gal I know is the band manager for the San Diego State University marching band. Their band uniforms are brand new. One of the stripes and piping had been pulled off of a pant leg. It ended up being easier than I thought to fix. I had a hard time telling where I had stitched and what was original. If only my quilting could be that good. =)

NQR - I found a breeder of Maus online and have been corresponding with her the past week. It sounds like they might be a good match for our menagerie. Today I told DD#2 about the gift idea. It was fun to watch her face. At one point I was thinking of keeping it a secret but thought better of it. Surprising people with animal gifts is not a good idea. I want her apart of the decisions.

And finally, the last of my preseason preparations is complete. My training is done, I got fitted for my new uniform. All that is left is to pick up my uniform then listen for those immortal words.... PLAY BALL! It's looking like a fun season. YAY!


Mary said…
How pretty - I love all the strings! I still have a bunch of blue strings sitting out from finishing the blocks for my Patriotic String star - I was trying to decide whether to use them or put them away for another time.
I made a string quilt after I bought Gwen Marston's Liberated String Quilts some time ago. Of course it is still only a flimsy. I didn't use a foundation - how do you find doing it that way? I once tried sewing onto paper (old phone books) but it went all over the place.

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