Quilt Therapy

I had to call on my inner Doctor last Friday. I let myself be pulled into something I promised myself I wouldn't do. So the only person I'm really angry with is me but....... I prescribed some quilt therapy to relieve the FRUSTRATION. Oh, I'm sorry was I yelling? *G* Look what a person can accomplish when they're fired up .....
The fabric.... with the exception of the center dark green strings is all from the Holidays in Paris line from In The Beginning. I picked up a fat quarter packet at a quilt show at least 3 years ago and liked it so much that I added some additional pieces over a few month period. Fast forward a year. I made a seasonal opportunity quilt for my guild with the fabric line then put all the left over scraps and chunks and yardage of two pieces back in a grocery sack and set the whole bundle on a shelf in a spare bedroom. Some people have PIGS - Projects In Grocery Sacks. I have SIGS - Scraps In Grocery Sacks. Before discovering Bonnie Hunter's site and method for sorting and using scraps, I shoved everything back in a grocery sack and would hide them out of sight. I had no plan. But now I'm doing some cleaning and have started to "discover" some of my scrap treasures. LOL I discovered the Holidays in Paris bag last Friday and the rest is history. This quilt really wasn't on the project radar. But I really like the way it turned out. I even know what I'm going to do for borders, etc. but I have some not so fun things to do first. *cough*taxes*cough*

I did take a "just starting" picture of the wisteria out front. In one more week or so it should be in it's full glory. It's a double, deep purple..... oh so showy.

I am going to end this post with a favorite quote that came back to me last Friday. I mentioned it to a girlfriend and she laughed and said I should have a T-shirt made with the quote. My first response was heehee, yeah, but that would be rude. The more I've thought about it though, the more I think I will do it because it could apply to so many situations..... with my kids, customers or "others" who want my help. I could "pretend" it was directed at someone else if anyone commented on it, but it would get my message across. Heehee.

"Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part."

Happy Tuesday!


tami said…
I really like your string quilt. Great way to get out frustrations.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your email came through no-reply. You might want to check your settings so your comments can be replied to. :c)
Patti said…
I've seen that on a t-shirt - love it!

Your string quilt is fabulous. Seems like many, many of us in blogland are discovering the joy of using our scraps. It's all I want to do these days. I ignore all the yardage on my shelves and dive into yet another bin of scraps. what fun!
Elaine Adair said…
LOVE those strings! They work up so fast. I kinda joined a string quilt group on Yahoo, and girl, it's amazing what a person can do with strings! My first one is so cool I have to keep it, but I've made several more. Thanks for the photo - oh my, more inspiration!
Mary said…
Love the string blocks - I like ones that have everything tossed in but these coordinated ones look great too.

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