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Follow up on the Kona Snow. I FOUND IT. I have no idea why I put the whole 10 yard piece with a project that uses it as the background. Good grief...LOL. Can you imagine a quilt top that requires 10 yards of background fabric? I could make a tent out of something that big. So the good news is... I found the fabric. The flip side is I found a UFO I had forgotten about. A red & green & snow half square triangle sampler. Sigh.


We have a little place at a trailer park in the San Diego desert. Nothing fancy, just a 35 foot 1955 Flamingo travel trailer. Yeah.... it's older than me and it hasn't moved in years. It's permanently fixed to our site in the park and there are some decent sized trees. We use it as a weekend get away..... buggy runs to the park and for me, a place where I can turn off everyday stuff and just quilt. Friday night we drove out and wow, it was toasty at 10 pm. Saturday the thermometer got up to 96 degrees. So I cranked up the swamp cooler and got one quilt top together and blocks for another completed. Woohoo. Took a picture of the work space. It doubles as a homework center. DD#2 has her nose in the books because AP tests are two short months away.

Funny story. Don't know if you can see the thread path in the photo but when it leaves the cone, it goes straight up .... to a eye hook in the ceiling then back to the machine. That solution was my husband's. I use So Fine for piecing and I forgot to take the portable cone holder along. My solution was a little more creative. I stretched a old cord from the kitchen cabinet across the trailer to the window blinds and then had the thread go up and over. I think I'll keep my DH around. =)

The desert is a great place for sunsets. Saturday was no exception.

We came home to 90 plus on Sunday. The wisteria is popping out like crazy. I'll post pictures when it's at its peak.

One more thing.... I'm looking for thoughts on a specific cat breed. Does anyone have first hand experience with Egyptian Maus? I'm thinking of one as a gift for DD#2's 16th birthday.


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