Wow…. Has it really been a week?

Time flies when you are having fun and I did! Last Tuesday night was our guild meeting. I won the BOM blocks….. large and floral. Just in time for spring. I think there are 13 of them. Maybe I will make 3 more … or maybe 7….. and then figure out a setting. Sounds like a retreat project don’t ya think? The best part is just last month I finished the quilt with the last set of BOM’s I won. See my post "It’s about time." (one of these days I'm going to figure out how to do links!!)

Our guest speaker was Jan Krentz. She had an amazing number of quilts in her trunk show. It’s probably because she lives in SD county. The next morning I attended Jan’s workshop Colorwash diamond quilt. I’m so thrilled that all the fabrics for this project came from my stash. Woohoo. A year or so ago I purchased a bundle of autumn foliage fabrics for another project but decided they fit this quilt much better. Here is some of the color array.

I wish I had more photos of the process. I really need to work on that project in the near future. It’s a little tricky and I don’t want to forget all the “how tos”. That’s really a laugh. Anyone who knows me, knows I have a tough time remembering what I had for breakfast. Ah….. is there any hope for this project? =) I promise more pictures when I do….. unless, of course, I really mess it up.

I finally finished a custom customer quilt on Friday. This one really stumped me. It came out okay…. Yeah, just ok. During the whole process I kept thinking I gotta get this done, I have other quilts to do that will be much quicker. I know I was dragging my feet because my confidence level is lower on custom quilting and I know I need the practice to improve that confidence but practicing on customer’s quilts doesn’t feel right to me. Part of it is my expectations too. I’m a self admitted perfectionist so I have a hard time charging people when my work isn’t up to my (high) standards. So my epiphany, if you will, is to just do pantograph quilting for customers for now and perhaps some simple loops and stippling. No more feathers, clam shells etc. I will use my projects and donation/volunteer projects for custom practice. No sense putting undo pressure on myself ….. I want this to be fun!

Stay tuned….. the rest of the week in review soon!


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