I love Wanda!!

Well..... I've always loved her but my passion for her has increased 10 fold. Wanda is my longarm. As much fun as I have working with her, I've always felt I was never quite good enough.... needing more practice to produce a good product. Several months ago I read on the Longarmchat.com site that I should try replacement wheels for Wanda (a Optimum Plus Gammill) to solve my control problems. I guess I didn't understand the posts clearly because I purchased new Gammill wheels. There was a slight improvement but I was still experiencing problems. I assumed they were operator related. :c) A couple weeks ago I was scanning posts on the site again and came upon a post that could have been written by me. Her description of the problem was identical to my experience. This time the recommendation was to get new after market wheels made by Edge Rider. OH MY GOSH!!! What a difference. The stitches go where I want them to. *VBS!!!* Check out Wanda's new wheels.


My quilt workroom/studio is actually a converted patio/sunroom. Wanda is at one end, a wall of cabinets & desk are along the opposite end and my work surfaces are in between. There are concrete steps running the full width of the window/slider that lead down to the room. Only half the slider actually moves so the other half of the steps have become a catch all for containers and supplies. I've asked my DH to build a platform over the unneeded step area so I could put a shelf unit on top. A couple weeks ago my friend and I went to Ikea looking for shelving. The first light bulb moment came when we walked thru the wardrobe section. They had a metal frame unit with a rod along the top front edge...... and the best part...... a curtain covering the shelves. *grin* I could put a curtain on my shelving unit and FINALLY have a design "wall". The only thing I got from Ikea that day was the idea though. None of the shelving units fit the space.

Fast forward to a week or so later. I'm cruzing down the aisle at Costco and there is the perfect shelf unit. Woohoo. All I need now it the platform and my last workroom problem area will be orgainzed. Stay tuned for after pictures.


Work last week caught up with me by the end of the homestand. I was pooped! Then there was some volunteer work to complete so my Hour A Day project had to set for a few days. I was able to catch up mostly this weekend tho ..... the blocks are ready to sew together. I like it and I thought of the perfect person to gift it to. Yay!

New wheels for Wanda
Chocolate ;c)
Taxes done a day early, yay!
Support from management at work.


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