I'm alive

I know it's been a while since my last post. And the longer I wait, the harder it seems to be to write about something.... because so much has happened. I've decided to just start, and add to it as I can.

A brief summary of the last two weeks....

Work: I love my job. I was born in an LA suburb and spent the first 14 years of my life in various other LA communities. Listening to baseball games was part of my childhood.... no doubt that's where my love for the sport began. Well.... LA Baseball = Dodgers and Dodger radio = Vin Scully .... for as long as I can remember. You know how certain sounds & smells instantly bring back memories? Well Vin's voice does that for me. The Dodgers were just in town and getting to see and hear Vin walk past me in the service corridor made my day!!

Work: We had our first Team Member meeting a few days ago. They are basically rah-rah meetings. They pass along the latest news but also spend a fair amount of time recognizing workers for making "Major League Memories." The coordinator of the Padres Foundation spoke to us about the fundraising bricks they are selling for the Tony Gywnn plaza surrounding the statue of Tony that will be unveiled this summer prior to his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. They offered employees a discount. I purchased one when they first went on sale in early April so I went up to Sue after the meeting to see if I was eligible for a refund. She said sorry, no BUT said she would get me a ball signed by the player of my choice. *VBS* I'm the happy owner of a signed Khalil Greene baseball.

Kids: A week ago I went to Disneyland with the band. The kids performed in a festival on Friday and then we all spent Saturday at the park. I had soooo much fun on my last trip with the kids. I roomed with another mom who has become a great friend. Even though the park was crowded, we timed our activities just right and got lots in.

The gang..... L to R are my friend Phani, me, Bonnie (another parent) and Kathleen, the director.

Part of the time at Disneyland was the awards ceremony for the festival. It gave us a little time to catch up with the kids and get off our feet for a few moments. Some of the kids waiting.....
The kids' performance was great. They received a superior rating, the highest you can get. They received a trophy for their performance but would have won for the best high school band had they been entered for competition. I'm not sure quite why Kathleen didn't enter them for competition.... but even she admitted, she owes the kids a big trophy. Here are a couple of the seniors receiving their participation award.

Kids: Ace participated in a Solo & Ensemble festival last Thursday. She performed her piece in front of the judge and then he spent a little time going over the piece with her giving her a few pointers for improvement. He ended up with the comment "You're a good player." The band director for the host school happened to be in the room for her performance and subsequent judges comments and added once the judge was done.... "You could join my band." She turned around and gave me a big ol grin. Comments like that can do so much for a kids confidence. =)

That's all I have time for right now. Got to get ready for tonight's game. The Nationals are in town. Should be a totally different crowd..... thank goodness. Dodger fans can be so "challenging" at times. =)

I do have lots of quilting news too..... stay tuned.


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