Opening day

I love my job. That being said, opening day is always a challenge. This year at least half the employees are new. Wheeeee. We survived. And tomorrow will be better. I was reminded a couple times today of the really great parts though. The time before check in when a few of us watch the boys take batting practice. The gates are not open yet so there are just a few of us employees. Some of the players kids were out on the field shagging flies. Trevor Hoffman stopped by to say hi on his way to warm up. Oh and I passed Marcus Giles in the coridor. He looks like he's having a blast. Heehee.... it's going to be a fun year.

New uniform review. So far a warm reception. The blue blouses and scarves replaced the off white sweater set from the past. I do like them better but DD#2 said I looked like a girl scout or a flight attendant.
LOL - anyone brave enough to share their two cents? BTW the overly large, green credentials are new too. Uggggghly!

Final score. . . Rockies 4 Padres 3. Close but no cigar.

What about quilting, you say? Well..... I visited Judy L's blog on April 2nd and discovered she was going to do another Hour A Day quilt. YAY! I told myself I would do the next one.... twice already. =P So I followed through this time. I had a bunch of 5 inch charms that are approx. 10 years old. So each 9 patch is made up of 4 squares from two different charms . . one light and one dark. The center piece is the only one different..... all of those are red. My dark around each block and the light background are from bolts I got 6+ years ago. So the whole project is from the old part of my stash. Can you say WOO HOO? Here are a few of the finished ones. I will be ready for the next step on Monday.

Catching up with the friends from work.
Fuzzy friends.
Busting stash
The smell of hot dogs.


Nancy said…
Your hour-a-day blocks look nice. I haven't done Judy's HAD since the first one so I think I'm going to do this one. I have enough red/white 9-patches in the correct size left over from another project that I'll use for the center. With a navy with white stars for the corners. Gotta get busy and get them done this weekend so I'll be caught up before Monday.
Terri said…
As a Padre fan, I'll tell you you look smashing in your new uniform! How lucky you are to be working for them.

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