Yay for clean workspaces. Clean being a relative term but maybe decluttered would be better. Last Thursday I started purging stuff and reorganizing what was left. The area under my cutting table is totally efficient now and all counter & table tops are clear. Woo hoo! This is especially great considering my workroom doubles as my office for bills and my business papers. A good chunk of the time was setting up a better paper system. I'm not done with the room but I finished the goal I set by Saturday afternoon. I've got a couple ideas for other parts of the room but will need a trip to Ikea for shelving and a platform built by my DH for said shelving.

So Saturday afternoon found me back at the machine. Here's what I've been up to:
Got the borders and backing done for this class quilt.
Finished borders and backing on this string one too. The back is all the left over Holidays in Paris fabric I had left. Quite a patchwork itself! I'll have to photograph the back when it comes off the longarm. I don't keep many of my quilts but I really like this one. Probably a keeper.
This one needed 8 of the log cabin blocks to be finished then the blocks to be sewn together. It still needs borders but I'm including it now with hopes it will motivate a certain student to finish her high school courses cause the quilt is hers when she is done. =)

The wisteria is absolutely gorgeous right now! I love to go out and sit under this beauty and watch the bees do their thing.=)Last but not least, Baseball is back!! In cleaning up the room I found a space for a small TV. It was installed and connected to cable 3 hours before the first game of the season. I'm going to get so much more done this season.... heehee.... well, when my boys are out of town, that is. Tomorrow I pick up my new uniform. Friday is our home opener. I can't wait!!



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