Car quandary

I have an almost 5 yr old car that I really like. . . a 2003 Saturn Vue. We took it in for service last week and I mentioned that it was making a weird noise when I made a hard left turn. I was surprised to find out the noise is transmission related and that my tranny is most likely on it's last legs.=( Not only that, but my DH got a quote of over $5000 to repair/replace the transmission. So now he thinks we should trade it in soon, to get maximum value. I was really looking forward to a break from car payments for a little while. *sigh*

And what would I get to replace it? I definitely don't need a big car anymore. Perhaps something sportier that gets better mileage. Don't laugh but I've been wondering if I could downsize to a Mini Cooper. LOL We'll see.

I'm all packed for the retreat. I will take lots of photos. Stay tuned.... to the same bat channel.


Connie said…
As I was driving yesterday I was thinking how fun it would be to have a little VW Beetle to drive around for errands. DH wouldn't fit well into a Mini Cooper but I've seen them and they're quite cute little things. Car shopping is such a big investment but thinking about it is fun.
Elaine Adair said…
I am thinking you should get another opinion. Weird noises when turning does not sound related to the transmission - but I am not a mechanic. However I have father, 2 brothers, first husband, second husband are/were all engineers, and I DID learn a thing or two about noises from the car.

I wish you good luck with this one. Difficult decisions.
QuiltingFitzy said…
I bought a 2004 Chevrolet Aveo as soon as they hit the market and I've not one iota of disappointment. I get 30mpg and have almost 40K miles on it already. It's been from Houston, to Cincinnati, across the US to San Jose and to Tucson twice. It's a really inexpensive car, and I can have TWO for the price of most others! I seriously plan to replace it with another when it's time if possible.

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