End of an era

(The following was typed up last night but I could not get it to post. Don't know why.... I'm still relatively new to blogging)

I need to post more often.... again, many days = lots to say.

Tonight was my last band booster meeting. Any one who knows me knows
I jump in with both feet when I volunteer for an organization. Focused is an understatement. I was a Girl Scout leader for 12 years. This association with the high school band program is wrapping up it's 5th year. I was the booster treasurer for two multi yr terms and president for one. I know my gift of time has been a good thing for the organization but the things I will take away from the experience are more than I could have imagined. I can recognize most concert musical instruments, know the difference between single and double reeds, know how to organize the parts of a music score, know how to fit a band uniform, etc. Most people could probably say the same thing after an exposure of a few years. It's the intangibles that I am so grateful for. My appreciation of all kinds of music has increased tenfold. I even started learning how to play the alto sax. I've made a couple of wonderful friendships that will continue long after my departure. I am continually amazed at the by products of my music contacts and associations. Just yesterday a quilting friend gave me her flute. She's taking stock of things in her life and decided it was time to simplify. I know a couple of people who repair instruments so I will have them check it out and if it's in decent playing condition, I have the perfect kid to give it to. It's things like this that make it all worth it to me. Little things that encourage and foster a love of music in kids. So yeah .... saying good bye will be emotional, but it's time. One of my most favorite quotes....."Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened".... good words to live by.

My favorite "band" photo is not really a group type band event but
something DD#1 got to participate in because of her association with the HS band. She and 99 other southern California flute players got to play with the man on her left as part of a postage stamp dedication ceremony at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion a couple years ago. I told her to take her camera with her to the warm up and get a photo of the gentleman.... and that she would thank me later in life. Well, she did better than that. She got a delightful photo of the two of them together. BTW... Allie is only 5'6" or so.... so he does kind of look the part of a leprechaun. *S* "He" is the Irish pied piper, Sir James Galway.


Elaine Adair said…
THAT is James Galway? I've loved and listened to him and his flute for years! That was a treat!

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