Kids!!..... and a request

Yesterday morning I received a text message from my oldest child (22yr).... DS. It said ..."Happy Moms Day". Heehee. I replied "Thx." At least he remembered, right? We've (DD's and I) been chuckling about that since..... my DH's comment was "Sounds like he got his nack (re. lack) of remembering dates from me." LOL On the way home from my MIL's last night we had a discussion about what was going to happen on the traditional Mother's Day. I have to work so my DH and DD#2 will probably do something with his mom. They sounded disappointed that I wouldn't be able to join them. I told them it was ok, I had mine today anyway. *VBG* We all started giggling again when I questioned if we should ask DS the date for Father's Day. I've always enjoyed stretching out my birthday..... why not Mom's Day too?


Can someone please help me or point me to a blogging for dummies site that can walk me thru the directions how to add certain things to my blog? Currently I'm struggling how to add links to other people's blogs in the middle of a block of text copy and buttons and graphics to side columns. I've tried the "help" topics on blogspot but I guess I need directions in plainer english. There has got to be an easy way to do this! Can anyone help? TIA


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