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I'm a little under the weather today so surfing blogs and writing a bit myself is about the limit of my energy. Here is the next chapter.

Quilting.... I got the flimsy done for Judy's Hour A Day quilt a few days late but before the end of the month. That was a fun, quick one. I will quilt and bind it when I get a break from customer quilts. I decided to give it to my Aunt Sharon. The colors are perfect for her mountain home and even though she is a quilter, I know she has never pieced a pattern similar to this one. Her favorite current pattern is Yellow Brick Road.

Quilting.... yes there is more. My next leader and ender project is almost done. It totally amazes me how quick they come together with very little effort. I started with white, off white & beige 2 inch squares and various royal and navy blue 2 inch squares and made a bunch of 4 patches. At this point I still didn't know what I was going to do with them. Browsing thru Bonnie's website I settled on her "Bricks and stepping stones" pattern. I thought it would be fun to have the bricks be a variety of different reds and end up with a RWB quilt. But then it dawned on me it would be mostly a red with very little white and blue quilt and that sounded boring to me so....... I decided to do an exercise in color and see what happens. Directly across the color wheel from blue is orange, either side of orange is yellow and red.
Yes, it is loud but I like the way the additional colors added interest. Funny side story about this one. I asked my husband what he thought of my newest creation on the design wall. He said he hadn't noticed something new. LOL - I don't understand how he missed it.

Crocheting..... amongst all my quilting projects I decided to throw in a crocheting one. We have three kitties and one dog who are all about the same size.... 10 - 15 lbs each. They take turns sleeping in the one pet bed we have. Don't get me wrong .... there are other places for them to sleep like beds, the sofa, chairs etc. but they seem to prefer the basket with sides. I priced small individual beds at the pet store recently and decided that was a bit pricy. A quick search of the interned led me to a pattern for a crocheted, felted cat bed. It's been a while but I guess crocheting is kinda like riding a bike. A quick refresher and look how far I've gotten. =)I'm almost done with the base. Next the sides then the felting. Can't wait to see how it looks finished...... and if the menagerie likes it.

Only three weeks till our quilting retreat. I have to admit I've been a tad jealous listening to several bloggers recount their fun retreat stories..... gotta start thinking about what to take, then whittle it down. LOL


Bingo~Bonnie said…
Your April HAD project turned out so nice! Great choice for colors. Be sure and send Judy L a photo of it - I don't recall seeing your's in her folder.

Also your steping stones L/E project looks fantastic! I love how bright it is!!! I don't see how your husband didn't notice it either! MEN! LOL :c) ~Bonnie in SE Texas
Patti said…
Oh, I LOVE that new project with the reds, yellows, oranges and blue and white/tan four patches. What a bright, vibrant warm quilt! This would light up a room beautifully on a cold, drizzly gray day like the days we can sometimes have in the spring here in the northwest.

If your kitty bed isn't quite small enough just wash it again. My slippes that a friend made had to be washed 5 times to get them down to the right size for my feet. They shrank a little more each time I washed them.
That is a great looking quilt - love the bright colours. How could he not notice?? I've made 2 of that design. The cat/dog bed is a good idea too. Mine would demand a cushion in the bottom though!

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