Project fine, a new favorite quote & a goal for May


I finished the kitty bed today. Here is the before felting photo:

.... and the after:

It did shrink a lot, but I'm not sure it's as small as I want. If I do another one, I might try making it a bit smaller. It currently has an occupant..... Jasper, the gray & white kitty *vbs*

My new favorite quote:

Clutter is postponed decisions.

and that leads me to ....

My goal for May.

My son is moving home the middle of June for a couple of months. He will be graduating from college on June 8th. He hasn't come home the last two summers so his room has become a kind of catch all. I'm embarrassed to admit I've let the room become a total disaster. Watching a couple of organizational type home shows today gave me lots of direction to tame that beast. I'll post "before" pictures soon.


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