Tired but I finished

Today was one of those days where things don't go quite like you envision. DD#2's doctor appointment took much longer than expected.... then I had a stomach ache so I took a power nap. The problem was no fairies showed up to do my work while I napped. :c)

So .... much later than originally planned, I loaded, quilted and finished the following yummy scrap quilt for a customer. It will be delivered tomorrow morning at 9 am. Yay! Now I can focus on packing for the retreat.


tami said…
Yeah, those fairies never show up at my house either.
The quilt is gorgeous. Have a great time at your retreat. Wish I was going.
Elaine Adair said…
What a great scrappy quilt! Can't figure out why it 'works' .. maybe the movement of the little 4 patches? The colors are all mixed, cool and warm. Mostly dark, but I note, nothing really bright.

Hey, those fairies - you can't depend on them one bit! They're out flitting about, being cute, but not actually DOING anything useful at MY house!

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