Two birds with one stone.....

Judy L's monthly stash challenges always get me thinking. I need another project like I need another hole in my head but for what ever reason, I just can't resist a challenge. It's like someone is waving a piece of red fabric in my direction. LOL

Here it is....

"So, for May, here's the Challenge:

May - May has Mother's Day and my mom's birthday so let's make something from the stash that our mom or grandmother would have been proud to see us make. It might be a donation quilt, it might be something that reminds you of your mom or grandma or it might be a gift for your mom or grandma. Let's do something in honor of our mothers. Don't forget - use as much from your stash as you can without buying anything to make this project."

Well..... I knew exactly what fabric reminds me of my mom. I bought it BECAUSE it reminded me of my mom. A couple days after my mom passed away I had the most unusual encounter with a hummingbird. My mom was a birder... traveling around with other bird watchers. So I took that encounter as a sign.... that she was still around. Since then, sometimes when I think of her, there is suddenly a hummingbird hovering nearby. Good stuff!

A couple years ago I found this fabric and purchased 2 yards of the stuff..... with no particular project in mind.

Even though I knew which fabric I would use, a quilt pattern was another story. Fast forward to the second bird with one stone. I needed another no brainer leader and ender project. Why not combine the challenge project with a leader and ender one? *grin* I love Darlene's simple but scrappy style . . . why not something simple like a 25 patch block alternating with a large piece of the hummingbird print? =) I might add sashing or ??? as it developes. Yay for stashbusting!

One of the darks I pulled from my stash for the 25 patch blocks is a piece of coral pink fabric..... last used in a quilt I made for my mom. *VBS*


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