Smiles and tears, Hugs and Kisses

Last Thursday was the final HS band event... the Spring Concert. It was a combined event for the band and choir classes. We didn't originally plan to do this but because of some other date conflicts, we held our last Band Booster meeting during a break in the program. There were only two items on the agenda.... 1) To elect the slate of officers for next year and 2) Approve the budget. That took just a few minutes but before David, the President, handed the mic back to the director, he spent a couple more moments recognizing some special volunteers. Ordinarily volunteers are recognized at the end of year banquet. . . if they are present. This year anyone who had done anything was present because they were there to see their kid perform, so the recognitions were a success and very well received.

So what does all this have to do with a bowl full of Hugs and Kisses? Well ..... during the intermission a parent who knew I was "retiring" from the organization handed me the gift bag of chocolate and a sweet card thanking me for all I've done over the years. It must weigh at least 2 lbs... heehee. It lightened the mood and I needed that because the last person David called up was me. They presented me with the following plaque.

Needless to say, I was pretty choked up and very touched that they took the time to recognize my efforts in such a personal way. I'm misty even now as I reread it. I am SO going to miss those kids and their fun parents. Band is like a second family. For kids from tough home situations, band is their family. I know on more than one occasion I've played a Big Sister role to several . . . all while fitting their uniforms or helping them find their music.

The first time one of them called me Mrs. C I laughed cause it reminded me of Richie Cunningham's mom on the show Happy Days. Now I'm going to miss that handle big time!

On the quilting front, I've been just putzing along. I sewed some leader and ender pieces together to make bigger blocks (25 patches). I've got an idea or two how to set those. I'll post a photo when I make my final decision. Mostly I'm working on customer quilts at the moment.

Here is a picture of the pattern I picked up at the LQS during the retreat. I'm waiting for a couple more fqs I ordered from that line before I start. I want to make it as a table toper for my kitchen table...... now that I've unburied my table with the help of the FLYLady. :c)

Thanks for your comments and thoughts on my car situation. I am going to get a second opinion ..... tomorrow. My DH tried to explain it to me too. It has something to do with the differential... a part of the transmission that normally lasts forever.. is failing in mine. We have a 1989 Reatta that we will probably let DD#1 take to college next year. I'm going to drive it around for now and see if I can adjust to a smaller ride.

Oh.... and thanks for the comments on my "soft" WIP. I know the middle looks like it needs something but because I want to be able to wash this one regularly, I will most likely accomplish that with the quilting.

Time for me to post this. I had oral surgery this morning and the numbness is wearing off. Wheee!


Holly said…
Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by my place. I'm pleased to "meet" you. I remember the good ol' band days. My son was heavily involved in band - that was his niche. I used to go to the football games just to hear the band play because I really don't care a bit about football! I can appreciate you will miss these days. What a lovely way to recognise all you did. P.S. your quilts are beautiful!

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