Wish I had time to quilt

Chances this post will be a bit of a ramble but that's what happens when I don't get to take part in my quilting "therapy".

Ever seen the show Clean Sweep? Well, my son and I did something just like that this week. But let me start from the beginning. He just graduated from college. . . on the 5 year plan. During that time he didn't come home much, so his room became the dumping ground for stuff we needed to get out of sight. Now he is home for about 7 weeks, before he moves to Mississippi (We are in southern California..... yeah, there is a girl there), which means the room had to be cleaned out. I waited till he was here. Monday morning we pulled everything out of the room and set it in the driveway. We did a thorough cleaning of the room then moved in only the furniture that was staying. Next he unloaded the car..... well, half the car. The other half belongs to his sister. She finished her last final tonight and will take the train home tomorrow. Side Note: I can't believe my master packer husband got both kids' gear into the old Park Avenue. Anyway, once the room was set up we started working through "the pile". Several trash carts later we have whittled it down to a save pile and a "to sell" pile for the garage sale Saturday. It was a ton of work and I'm a bit pooped but I would do it again..... I will do it again. I don't have any more total room projects like that but there is a closet...... wish I had time to do it before the garage sale too.

On the car front..... I did get a second opinion on the state of the transmission. Same diagnosis. The way the tranny was designed, it is impossible to determine if the repair is major or minor. Could be a $1500 fix or a $5000 fix. No way to tell till the unit is out. Soooooo .... I did a little research and found out my car year and model is on the Consumer Reports "vehicles to avoid" list. I've come to the conclusion it's time to cut my losses.

I also looked at the flip side report: "recommended cars". This might sound a bit selfish but I've decided I like the style of a compact or mid size coupe and I miss the "feel" of a manual trans. Gonna check out Honda Civic and Accord coupes, Toyota Solaras and the Scion tC. To be continued. . . .

Today I got a flute given to me by a quilt friend. She decided she would not be using it again and I told her I had a kid who would be thrilled to have her own instrument. Jeri couldn't remember what the make was..... turns out it's a Yamaha. It's a mid 70's student model but even so, there is a quality associated with the name. I'm going to have it checked out tomorrow morning. My guess it it might need a pad or two replaced then off to it's new home with a kid who loves to play flute but can't afford one of her own. This kind of stuff makes my day!! :c)

Tomorrow is the last day of school. I'm really looking forward to having all 3 kids under one roof for a few weeks. It probably will be the last time we will all be together like this. As they grow up and start heading different directions, these opportunities will be fewer. I plan to cherish this summer of togetherness.... even if it includes a few squabbles. ;c)

I hope to have some quilty stuff to share soon..... cause that would mean I'd be back at my machine.


Darlene said…
Wow, Karen that was a serious "clean sweep". Way to go!

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