Grand Funk

Sigh.... seems to be a bit of a funk in the air. Ordinarily a couple of girlfriends canceling activity dates wouldn't bring me down but this week it has. My solution was to dive into quilting. I have a couple other things I should be doing but quilting is medicinal right now, so Dr. Karen is overriding the guilt meter.
I joined the Heartstrings 365 string block challenge. Yesterday was my choice for a start date. What better way to chase away the blues than mindless sewing. The two blue (no pun intended) center strip blocks were yesterday's accomplishment. The others are a small part of the pile that is accumulating from the gals at quilting class. Right now we have 33 blocks with a variety of colors and 17 that are just red, white and blue. Definitely getting close to enough blocks for a scrappy quilt and well on the way for a RWB one.

Last week I started Judy L's latest Hour a Day project. I kept up with each day's steps till Thursday. Friday morning DD#2 and I left for a road trip to Phoenix. We took in 2 Padres/Diamondbacks games (the two the Padres lost.... grumble) and the new Harry Potter movie. Yes, we sought out cool places because it was well over 100 degrees outside. We had a lot of fun! Now that I'm back, I'm trying to catch up with the HAD project...... right now I'm a bit behind in the colored Carrie Nation blocks. I only have 13 of the 36 done. The photo above is a peak at the colors (batik) I'm using.

Another project occupying some of my time is a leader and ender one that has gotten to a block assembly stage. Actually, I've been winging (see the focus fabric) the design on this one. (Ok.... I like this pun, so you can call it intentional - LOL) The 25 patches were the leaders and enders.... 2 inch squares sewn together, light to dark. I pulled scraps from my bins that had colors from the focus fabric for those. Once the 25 patch blocks were sewn, I played with frames and decided on the medium apple green with dark green cornerstones. I thought those would be enough to alternate with the focus fabric but it was just too bland. The thin dark red sashing really made things pop. I'm working on the borders now.... more thin red strips and scrap 2 inch blocks. This quilt is special. My mom was a birder and hummingbirds especially reminder me of her. It's definitely a keeper. :c)

Off to work. Baseball has a way of relieving funkiness too.


Mary said…
I've had a case of the blahs for a few days now - not much going on around here except mindless things like string blocks and bindings!
Leigh said…
I agree this one is special. l love it.

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