Of Rocks and Rides

Good grief. Has it really been over two weeks since my last post? To my defense, I endured one of the most energy draining homestands. . . the Red Sox were in town. . . . along with the Red Sox Nation. Now I get it. There are fans and then there is the Red Sox Nation. LOL

Anyway, between that and just enjoying having all my kids together for the summer, quilting and blogging have taken a back seat of sorts. I did put the first border on the rainbow log cabin quilt. Next is the piano key border, then it's ready for quilting.

Of Rocks......

Or should I say pebbles? ;c) I'm working on this customer quilt. She is a sweetheart and lets me do what ever I want. Lately she's been giving me a lot of applique quilts that need custom quilting. That is NOT my strong suit. Quilts usually end up nice looking but I fret, and stew and take for ever trying to decide what to quilt where etc. I have been known to procrastinate (gasp) and even slide a panto quilt ahead in the order. I try to talk people out of giving me custom jobs but end up saying yes ..... as long as they are not in a hurry.
Back to the pebbles. I did a Suzanne Earley "Leaves and Curls" in the green areas between the basket blocks. To keep the whimsical feel of the quilt I did a simple echo type stitch in the baskets and then got stumped on the background behind the baskets.
I was just about to do Karen McTavish's paisley filler when I stumbled on a magazine with a quilt on the cover that had pebble filler. I've practice that on scrap before but never put it on a quilt. Well, I've almost got as much time in on the pebbles as I do on the rest of the quilt but I really like the way it's coming out. Hope the customer likes it!

and Rides......

Ride: informal definition #1 ..... a journey. Later this month, as most long time Padres fans know, Mr. Padre will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. We had the good fortune to have season tickets and witness the magic Tony Gwynn brought to the field. Prior to Tony heading to Cooperstown, the Padres will unveil a statue in his honor. Surrounding the statue will be a plaza of message bricks. Here is what ours says:

(being the huge Tony fan that I am, it makes my day big time when I get to say hi to him in the service corridor at work *VBS*)

Ride: informal definition #2 ..... a vehicle. Check out my new wheels. I went with the Scion tC and I love it!! *grin*


Mary said…
I feel the same way about custom quilting. The pebbles look good!
Darlene said…
Well, there you are! Been missing ya!

Love the pebbles on that quilt.

Cool 'ride' :-)

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