Road to Cooperstown

It doesn't feel like Wednesday to me. My usual routine is to get up, shower and pack for quilt class. We have a freebie Adult Ed quilting class, one session Wednesday mornings and the other in the evening. I always go to the morning class unless I'm sick. I go to the evening one when my work schedule allows. Well, today it was a Dr. appointment for DD#2 .... so I'll go tonight. Gotta get my weekly quilty/social fix. =)

I've been procrastinating a bit on a customer quilt. Don't know why..... it's a simple panto job. *sigh*...... I'll finish this up and go work on it. It's even loaded so there is no excuse. I finally found the panto my DH's cousin gave me. She bought it last year at the quilt show but it is 1" too wide for the throat opening on her mid arm. I had misplaced it..... I know I had looked at it in my bin but thought it was something else. It was rolled backwards so the pattern name was not visible. I got the biggest grin on my face when I unrolled it all the way and saw who the pattern designer was. YAY!! Another Keryn Emerson pattern. I am so drawn to her designs. This one is called Cascade. I'm going to try it out on Billie's quilt. I'll post pix soon.

The HAD project is progressing. As you can see I decided on the alternate layout listed on Judy L's blog. The colors didn't turn out quite right in the photo. The blues and greens are much brighter in person. I'm a bit behind... AGAIN.... but I must get some machine quilting done!!


4 DAYS.... but who's counting? LOL. A bunch of my coworkers are on their way to New York for the festivities surrounding Tony's induction. Wish I was there! In our own way, we are celebrating too..... back at home. Last Saturday night the statue of Tony was unveiled at Petco. I couldn't get away to take a peak during Saturday or Sunday's game. Tomorrow I'm dropping a friend and her daughter at the airport so I will swing by the Park in the Park on my way home.... with my camera. Gotta get pictures of the statue along with our brick in the plaza, plus those of a couple friends. Till then here is the Wheaties box featuring our guy. Sunday morning they will have the P in the P open for those who want to watch the ceremonies together. Kinda cool. Where ever I watch it, I'll have to have a trusty box of kleenex handy. :-P


Vicki W said…
Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog! I love the fabrics that you are using for your HAD. I hope I can get my borders on this weekend - we'l see!

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