Shouldn't be so hard on myself

I have been getting things done.... really, I have. So why doesn't it feel like it sometimes? I know I'm the kind of person who likes to have a long block of time to work on a "thing" whatever that thing is. Probably goes back to the perfectionist in me. So sometimes I won't even start a project if I don't have a block of time to commit to it. More often though is my tendency to stop and start a zillion different things, rarely following most through to completion. *sigh*

I'm going to list the things I've done since my last post, mostly so I can see it in black and white and tell my naggy little voice to quit it with the guilt trip. Sorry I don't have many photos to share.... having a few issues with my camera which I hope to resolve shortly.

In no particular order.....
1) Quilted 2 quilts on the LA, one for a customer and one of mine (a gift). I used the new to me Cascade panto on both.... I LOVE IT! It's not too dense, which most customers want, flows wonderfully and quilts up fast, probably cause it's so wide. It doesn't have that "row" look that some pantos do. I'll try to get photos of the gift quilt when the camera cooperates. I am having some issues with the stitch regulator. It seems to be sticking on HIGH. Gurr.... a call to the dealer is in order after this post.

2) Assembled the Quilt for an Hour blocks..... no borders yet but got all the blocks in rows and rows together. This finish was necessary so I could work on the next project....

3) Installed/hemmed my shelf curtain... that doubles as a design wall. I found velcro tape that has adhesive on the hook part and the loop half is sewn in. Perfect!! The curtain was packaged white curtains from Ikea for cheap, cheap, cheap. Hemmed them up and wala. Love 2 for 1 solutions.

4) Assembled 8 more string blocks for the Heartstrings 365 challenge. *grin* I have 15 blocks so far toward that goal plus.... there are finally enough of the multi color blocks from class gals and myself to make our first Heartstrings quilt to donate. Woohoo.

5)Took my friend Patty and her daughter to the airport THEN stopped to visit Tony's statue. I think these photos turned out.... here goes. It took a while but I found our brick, right down in front of the Mr. in Mr Padre. LOL It's so like me not to look in the premier spot first. Actually I found our friends brick first. Chuck and Lynette sat behind us for many years at the Murph (now Qualcomm Stadium) ... all as season ticket holders during Tony's reign. They moved to Oregon several years ago but kept in touch. When the bricks were first announced, I sent Lynette a message with the details. She replied they got one but it never dawned on me to ask them what it said. So last Thursday I kept my eyes opened for anything familiar. She made it way too easy for me. LOL See the brick just to the left of the one with the silhouette of Tony? It says "The Sheffields, Chuck, Lynette, Kevin, Kimberly" Ok, go down to the bottom of that row in the photo, 8 bricks down. Gotta love it! Our bricks are so close to each other (in a plaza of a few thousand bricks) after sitting so close to each other at games for so many years. *grin*

6) Took my son shopping for clothes. Saturday was his birthday and even tho it's kind of a boring gift, he agreed it would be a good thing to have some new clothes prior to the move to Mississippi.

7) Went to my SIL's 30th Anniversary party. Lots of fun to catch up with everyone, including a nephew who announced his engagement.

8) Finished one book and started another. Finished: Good Grief by Lolly Winston. Very good book especially for a first book. It started off a bit depressing, but the writing is very witty so I stuck with it and am SO glad I did. Now I'm trying another new to me author...Marcia Muller.

There is more, much more, that I've accomplished this past week... but I feel better now, so I guess I'll stop. I just need to be reminded every once in a while not to be so hard on myself. Cheers!


Mary said…
Wow, it adds up when you write it all down doesn't it? You've been busy - I find that I don't feel like I'm getting something accomplished unless I'm finishing stuff!
Darlene said…
Why are we so hard on ourselves. We can stay busy, busy all day and account for every minute of every hour (which we feel we must do), drop into bed at night and still chastise ourselves for getting nothing done. LOL We're our own worst enemies.

Like you, if I can't devote a large chunk of time then I don't do something. I know that's silly because you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time so .... well you get my point. :-)

Love Tony Gwynn's new statue! A true baseball great.

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