I've been busy

I like to write posts later in the afternoon or evening. Mornings are my productive, get things done time so I'm noticing that I don't post as much when it's a "work" week. I have to leave for work by mid afternoon on the weeks the boys are in town and I usually roll in between 11 & midnight. Maybe I'll try posting then. It does take me an hour or so to unwind when I get home and often I surf other blogs.... why not write & read? ;-)

It's almost the end of another off week.... the boys are in Philadelphia today and tomorrow. The next homestand starts Monday night. Only 17 games/2 homestands left. Where has the season gone? Perhaps we will have a post season... for the 3rd year in a row. Time will tell. Makes planning anything in October tough tho. And we have an important trip coming up mid October. Gotta go to Oregon to get the kitten. *grin*

Here's what I've been scrambling .... er.. working on. It just needs borders. Yay! I started this slanted star quilt (a pattern from Bonnie Hunter's website) a couple weeks ago cause I knew the recipient would be making her appearance soon. Lil Miss Hana beat me to the finish line. She arrived this past Wednesday afternoon. Fun little story about Hana's dad. His mom was my oldest daughter's 2nd grade teacher. Diane stayed a friend all these years. (DD is 19yrs. old) Diane's son is also a teacher..... high school math. Yep, Allie had Brian for AP Statistics 10 years after being taught by his mom. I love small world events like that. I'm definitely a believer in 6 degrees!

I also went to the San Diego Quilt Show this past Wednesday evening and all day Thursday. Lots of wonderful quilts this year! I'll try posting some of the photos later tonight.

Thanks for visiting. I love to read your comments.... it's like the treat of finding mail in your inbox.


Vicki W said…
That's a pretty quilt - I've always liked that pattern,
EileenKNY said…
Love the quilt! It's got a happy look to it. What color borders are you thinking about?
How exciting working with the "boys". Since I'm a newbie to your blog, what do you do for them?
Marisa said…
I love this star quilt. It's very close to what I have for my blog banner I think.

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