Quilt show pix and a progress report

I'm going to start with the photos from the quilt show. The annual San Diego Quilt Show is a 3 day (plus preview night) non juried show. There is a large vendor section but there are no classes taught there. This year there were over 400 quilts displayed. The quality of the quilts was exceptional. I was a bad girl and missed the deadline. =P I'm definitely going to enter a couple next year. Here are a few that caught my fancy....
I love the colors on this one. Plus the quilting is wonderful. I don't remember who this one belongs to but Laurie Daniels quilted it.
I'm into string quilts right now and I liked this variation.
The craftsmanship on this one is phenomenal!! I remember reading it was a challenge quilt. I hope she won the challenge. Border scallops are stack n wack fans from a border print. The center medallion is all hand embroidered and exquisite hand applique. Hope you can enlarge the photo and see the wonderful feather quilting.
This one is a friends quilt. She does wonderful hand applique too. . . . when she's not busy with her four young kids. She took a sweepstakes award with this at the County Fair a couple months ago.

Here are a couple more string quilts..... I really like the one on the left. There were thin black strings between the colorful African fabrics.

This one was pieced and quilted by Laurie Daniels. She was working on it at our May retreat. It was a wedding gift for one of her children. At the retreat she approached me and my MIL about working on a duplicate for our guild's next opportunity quilt. I told her I would love to help. We talked about meeting over the summer to pick fabrics and decide who would do what. Since I didn't hear from her, I was hoping I would run into her at the show and I did, on preview night. Long story short, her mother passed away last month and she's been understandably occupied. Here's the part that bothers me. The powers that be at our guild assigned the opportunity project to someone else, assuming that because of her mother's passing she would not want to do it. I could tell she was terribly hurt and offended. *sigh* Why can't people just ask instead of assuming? I hope I can work with her on a project someday. She's one awesome lady.
How can I forget my purchases? I did really well this year controlling my spending. Two Moda jelly rolls (Fall Back in Time by Sandy Gervais). Two of the three patterns were free.....one free with each roll. There is also an 8 panel piece from Fancy Cats 2, a box of flower head pins (I was getting low), a Tri-Recs template set, a charm square bag pattern and a one yard piece of bright pink fabric (not shown). The reason the pink is not in the photo is because it's already in the border of the baby quilt.The binding is going to be scrappy black and the back is *grin... this is the best part* a bright pink with white dots minkie. I've used minkie on one other baby quilt and I got so many wonderful comments on it, I thought I would give it another shot. The only thing I'm not quite sure about is the batt. Last time I used warm and natural and it seemed a little stiff. Any recommendations?

It's back to work tomorrow night. Arizona Dbacks and the LA Dodgers. Should be a busy week. Wheeeee.


Mary said…
Thanks for sharing the pictures. I'm partial to the string quilts too and that first quilt's a beauty too. I wonder what batting was used because the quilting is really defined.
Randi said…
Loved the quilt show! Can't wait to see the baby quilt after you quilt it...It looks great already!
kayp said…
thank you so much for the delightful show! looks like it was a good one!
Helen in the UK said…
Those string quilts are so versatile - love your version. Also love the slanted star :)
Suzanne Earley said…
I love the baby quilt -- can't wait to see it quilted!

Looks like it was a wonderful show.
Alycia said…
Thank you for sharing those pics - what beautiful Quilting. Show the baby quilt too!!!

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