Third one's the charm

Don't think I've ever posted 3 times in one day but this photo is too precious not to share now. Got an email with this photo today from our Egyptian Mau breeder. One of these cute little fuzzies will be joining our family soon.


EileenKNY said…
They are absolutely precious!! They look like baby leopards-what will they look like when they're grown?
Karen (Misiz C) said…
*grin* I guess they will look like miniature leopards. They keep their spots and are long and lean. I've read they can jump quite high (not sure the house is ready for that yet =)) If you google Egyptian Mau you will see some photos of adults. Supposedly the breed descends from the cats of the Egyptian Pharoahs.
Lynn Douglass said…
The kittens are adorable! Love the spots, and those blue eyes are killer! I really like the scrappy quilt too.

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