What a weekend!!

Most definitely! This weekend started a bit early, really early in fact. I was awakened between 1:30 and 2am Friday morning. My DH snores and I can usually sleep through it if I fall asleep first, but once I wake up, it's almost impossible to fall back to sleep. So I got up and read. At 4:30am my son's alarm went off. It was time to take him to the airport. We arrived there by 5am and I stayed till he made it through security. It's been 6 years since he's flown anywhere.... just wanted to make sure I didn't have to turn around to pick up something that didn't make it through. =P He sent me a text once he was on the plane, winging his way to Memphis. I drove home, dozed for an hour, then took care of a few projects and errands, including new shoes for work, before work. DS called about 2pm PDT from Tennessee. His friend had picked him up and they were heading south to his new home in Oxford, Mississippi. Sigh.... he's never lived so far from home but he's an adult and wants to do this so who am I to discourage him. Know I'm going to miss him a bunch!!

Next was work..... usually a ballgame is just a ballgame, but when Barry Bonds is breathing down a record, nothing is normal. Security was tighter, press was everywhere and of course, the game was a sellout. All that requires energy.... and I've been up since 2am but I suck down another diet coke and head through the gate. Work starts at 4:30. By 5:10 I discover the elevator to three of my suites is out of order and will not be repaired till the next day. That means setting up an alternate route thru the service stairwell for guests to access their suite....two flights from the upper deck to the first suite, one more flight to the second and one additional flight to the third. Yeah, four flights to the top suite, but who's counting. The guests had to climb those stairs to their suite but once there, they were self contained. The servers, attendants and myself on the other hand made numerous trips. Remember the new shoes for work? Probably wasn't the best night to break them in. =P On a good night I'm out of there before 11pm. Wellllllll.... the Pads decided they needed extra innings to pull off a victory. So much for 11pm. I pulled into the drive about midnight... so 22 hours that day. Oh yeah, and Barry went 0-4.

Saturday morning was a bit of a slow start but by late morning DH and I went to our friends' daughter's wedding shower. We had to drive separately so I could cut out early for Barry, round two. Work was much the same... another sellout, so we were hopping. The good news was the elevator was working and first aid found some moleskin for my blister. =) Well Barry tied the record in the 2nd inning with a solo homerun. I wasn't a huge fan of Barry's before the subject of steroids came up and I will be holding my tongue till after MLB decides what to do with him, but I am a major fan of the game in general. The night ended up being a really special one. I wish I could describe what it looked like in the stands with all those camera flashes going off each time a ball was pitched to him. And as much as most fans in San Diego don't care for the guy, I'm proud to say the majority stood and clapped. Classy! That wouldn't have happened in LA.

The Padres did end up winning that game 3-2 in TWELVE innings. Another long night but we did get to see a little piece of baseball history and get a win. I rolled in the driveway about 12:40am.

Sunday's game was easy by comparison. Barry told the media Saturday night he would not be in the line up Sunday so the circus of media et.al was scaled back considerably. After a short nights rest I left a little after 9 am for work, the boys kept the game to 9 innings and they won again...sweeping the series. Woohoo! As much as it was fun to be there, I'm glad it's over and I'm SO looking forward to getting some quilty things done during the week off. Hope to have posts and pictures soon.



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