Three cheers for my DH

I called the Gammill manufacturer last Friday and spoke with one of their mechanically knowledgeable guys. His suggestion for my stitch regulator problem was to spray the heck out of the circuit board with electrical contact cleaner. He said it usually fixes the problem 9 times out of 10. Well..... I should play the Lotto more often. Wanda is 1 in 10. My contacts are clean but the problem was not resolved. So I threw a practice sandwich on the machine and had my husband watch the machine as I recreated the racing problem for him. He noticed one of the SR sensors was "bouncing" when I moved the machine from left to right. He rigged up a little spring to keep it from bouncing and it's working better than I can remember. I don't know why but my control on detailed pantos is even better. See exhibit A.......

I picked up a new panto (Wild at Heart by Jodi Beamish/WillowLeaf Studio) on Friday. I was anxious to try it out so once the spring was installed, I gave it a shot. Above is the finished baby quilt. I think you can see the quilting on the photo on the right. I love this pattern. I'm going to use it on the HeartStrings quilt next in line.

I suck at math!

See the problem? I did the math. REALLY! I bought 2 yards of background fabric, 1/2 yard more than I thought I needed. As you can see, I'm short 4 - 8 1/2"sq blocks. Gurr. At least I just bought that yummy dark blue last Friday and I know Darlene will have more. I just wanted to get the top together tonight. This is the quilt I'm trying to get done ASAP for Ace's trumpet teacher. That medium blue fabric has music notes woven through it. And stars are his favorite. My goal is to have it quilted, bound and labeled by Wednesday the 19th. I don't think he will have the energy to teach beyond that day..... till his treatment is done.

I noticed this in the view finder as I was preparing to photograph the string star quilt. I don't think I've shared it on the blog before. When we added the enclosed patio room to house Wanda, we installed commercial grade linoleum tiles for flooring. . . . . in a Triple Irish Chain pattern *grin*. Here is a small portion of the floor. Don't look too close, it needs mopping.

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Seems to me the machine should work properly at the price they are. Luckily you have someone in the house with an engineering brain to help fix it. Shame about the trumpet teacher's quilt. I'm not the best with the maths either.
Randi said…
Isn't it maddening when your machine isn't acting like you know it should? And 9 times out of 10, it seems it's always some tiny little something just out of whack. Glad you seem to have found your culprit. Now you should have much more fun stitching away!
Would you mind showing a picture of the spring your DH made for you? I'm having the same problem with my machine.

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