I'm crying uncle. On nights when I get home late from work, I'm coherent enough to read other's blogs but too tired to post to mine. Guess that's another way of saying my brain is fried. Part of what I like about working at Petco is the sheer energy generated by that many fans, but it takes it's toll. My energy is drained at the end of a shift. There is only one homestand left so I should be a little more consistent with posts... well, unless the Pads go to the post season.

So what's been happening? The last homestand was particularly frustrating... personel, coworker issues that took way too long to remedy. I'm not even sure they are repaired. Time will tell.

I decided to get serious about committing to my vitamin regime. I did notice an increase in stamina last week. Gotta keep up with that!

And the best part is I'm finally getting back on track with machine quilting. I got hung up on that durn custom quilt and everything came to a screeching halt. Well it is done and a very large panto job is too. Now for the bad news. Wanda's stitch regulator is acting up. I'll be stitching along and all of a sudden the thing just starts racing. My mechanic (aka DH =)) changed both O rings but it's still racing. I ended up finishing the large panto on manual mode. I have a new found respect for our fore sisters..... before the advent of stitch regulators. Called my dealer today.... she referred me to the manufacturer. That's tomorrow's project. Wish me luck. I'm probably going to continue working in manual mode while we investigate the possible causes.

A recent topic on MQ Resource touched on raising prices for our services. It got me to thinking.... the point that the gas station or grocery store or hairdresser do not notify us in advance when they raise the price of their product or service really hit home. We don't need to feel guilty or make a big deal when it's time to raise our rates. So I did. I took in a couple quilts yesterday, answered a few questions about working on others and I mentioned the increase.... and nobody flinched. What was I waiting for??

The gals in our adult ed quilting class came through again. Yesterday was the first day of the Fall semester and several gals brought me blocks for HeartStrings quilts. I now have enough to make a RWB one. Yay!! And today in the mail I received enough purple center string blocks to make a kids quilt.

I am going to put together a roman candle type string quilt as quick as I can. My daughter's trumpet teacher starts radiation treatments next week. He's become such a dear friend and it's tough to watch him struggle right now. I don't know what his prognosis is.... some people make chicken soup, I make quilts. That and some rides to appointments..... sigh. If you are so inclined, a prayer for Bill would be most appreciated.



Mary said…
I'm sorry to hear about your friend, I'm sure the quilt will bring him a lot of comfort.

I love the RWB HeartStrings quilts I've just finished quilting. I've got 3 quilts heading off to QOV and another top that I should receive soon. I also finished up my 2nd Purple Project Quilt. These turned out so cute and I had the best time making them.
Suzanne Earley said…
We took a tour of Busch Stadium when we were in St. Louis this summer. I can't even imagine working at a place like that. What a production!

Sure hope you get your stitch regulator working, what a pain to have a tool not working properly.

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