Eerie light

I was going to use a curse word for the title but thought better of it. That doesn't mean I'm not thinking it. I just hate seeing this many families lives in turmoil. 4 years ago this week we had a fire storm in San Diego County. The potential for the ones burning today is so much worse. I've never seen Santa Anas (dry winds from the east) this bad. My SIL evacuated last night. What should have taken 40 minutes, took them 2+ hours to travel. They are safe and sound at my MIL's and last I heard, their house is still standing. DH's cousin's place is much closer to the heart of the fire. They're saying over 500 homes have burned so far. Sigh......

We are ok so far. We are several miles west of one of the fires. Hopefully that is far enough. I was going to put a customer quilt on the machine today but decided to wait to see if we need to evacuate. I will take the few customer quilts with me if we need to leave. Probably no sleep tonight.

There is no school tomorrow... and perhaps beyond that. Ash is falling.... it looks like snow at times. The worst part is the air.... it's so thick. It's hard to breathe and leaves an eerie light. I took some photos..... don't know if you can tell...... if the color looks off, it is. Sunlight through smoke is really, really eerie. The sunset was bright red. Look how the back end of my car has a pink cast. The leaves in the tree in the next photo are a lime green in regular light.... not the gold you see.

If you are so inclined, keep us in your thoughts. God willing, our home will still be here when this is all over. I do know I will be making some quilts for those who have nothing left if we are spared.


Randi said…
Karen, we went through those horrible wild fires in the Texas Panhandle last year. It was awful, the devastation and losses. Lots of poor cattle and horses, also. It is mind boggling how terrible these fires are and can be. I hope for a speedy end to this for all of you.

Randi (AllenQuilts)
We have relatives in your area and they have had to leave their homes! Kinda scarey not to know what will happen. Sending up prayers that they can get this infreno under control and finally put it out!
Patti said…
Praying that the weather changes much sooner than expected so they can get these fires under control. Praying that you and your loved ones remain safe.
Would you please post something so we can know you are safe?

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