Murder of Crows

Autumn is officially here. I can tell because occasionally at sunset the crows gather in the eucalyptus trees out back. Not just one or two mind you but somewhere between 100-200. LOL yeah, it's LOUD! I know some folk don't like crows or think they are bad luck, but their caws and cackles remind me of laughter. I know it's hard to see in the photo but that's just one of the trees and it's loaded. I was hoping they would all take flight while I had the camera, but no. BTW.... anybody know how many crows it takes to make a murder? Inquiring minds want to know.

I got the small customer quilt done. I could tell it is one of her first attempts at quilting because of some of the markings on the quilt but for an early attempt it was wonderfully flat and square. Sounds like someone's been paying attention to the teacher. =) Funny thing about this quilt. I was taking a picture of it for my files and I didn't see the flipped block till I looked through the view finder. Do you see the problem? As per the recent discussion on MQ Resource, I'm going to keep my mouth shut since I didn't see it before it was quilted. =)


Vicki W said…
I happen to love crows! I feed them stale bread and it's a riot to watch them come and fill their beaks with as much bread as possible and fly away from the house to eat. One crow always keeps watch and the others fly in and land away from the bread and then slyly hop over to the bread bits. It's very entertaining.
Mary said…
I do see it but I might not have if you hadn't written about it and made me curious enough to look for it.

I usually find errors from photos too - luckily I take pictures of finished tops. There's no way I'd correct something after quilting it! Will you tell her?
TerriW said…
Boy! I had to look really hard to find it!
Lynn Douglass said…
The crows gather in the neighbor's tree, and I also get a kick out of listening to them. They are loud! I often wonder what conversation would be going on in that tree. Would be very interesting, I think!
Molly sg said…
I used to have Easter Egg hunts for grown-ups, I would hide twenty dozen eggs and give prizes. One Easter Sunday one of my hunters was delayed by almost two hours, and an hour into the wait someone pointed frantically at the window... The murder of crows had arrived! They were finding the hidden eggs and sneaking up on them! They were only medium-sized eggs so they fit into their beaks and off they would fly, carrying a brightly-colored egg. I put twenty dozen out... and got fourteen dozen back. They ate six dozen eggs!!!
So I never worried about what to do with all the eggs after Easter, I put them out for the crows.
I love crows.

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