New month

A new month, a new commitment. Yes I'm still alive. For some reason I seem to think I need a large block of time to post here.... hence the lack of posts these past 3 weeks. My commitment is to post smaller, more frequent posts.

Yes, lots has been happening. A week ago yesterday, we (Padres employees) left Petco Park not knowing if we would see each other in 10 days or 5 months. Well...... we still don't know. The boys have tied for the NL wild card spot. Tie breaker game time 4:30 today PDT. Stay tuned.

Generous People

This past Wednesday, the adult ed teacher gave me 2 tightly packed shoe boxes full of strips/strings. She's seen the blocks and tops being created for the HeartStrings Quilt Project. I added them to my large bin and now my bin runeth over. =)

A couple weeks ago, one gal from class handed me 36 dusty pink and blue string blocks. How generous is that?! Guess she had a bunch of 80's fabric left over..... LOL .... I do too and will use up some of mine in the borders.

How's that for a short post? =) More soon!


Helen in the UK said…
Lovely, lovely scraps!! Those pink/blue string blocks maybe old fashioned colours, but they are pretty :)
Mary said…
I agree with Helen, they'll make a soft looking, pretty quilt.

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