After 163 games... the last one in 13 innings.... our season is over. Wow, what a rollercoaster finale. I feel bad for Trevor Hoffman. He and his family are genuinely nice people.... I know, because they are regulars in one of my suites. I know he's shouldering a lot of guilt right now. Yeah, it's just a game and in 5 months everything will start fresh again. I do have one request of MLB in the off season tho. . . Could you please do something about the atrocious umpiring staff!!??!! So much rides on the calls they make. There is no excuse for mediocrity. OK, I'll step down from my soap box now.....

I had a very productive day yesterday..... I finished quilting a monster customer quilt....long may it wave! Lordy, Lordy.... quilts like that make me really appreciate flat, squared quilts. Cross your fingers the one I load today is better. If nothing else, it's smaller. =) (edit... The green and tan is the "big"one. It was quilted with Keryn Emerson's Chinese Crescents panto with Woodsy varigated thread. I like the way it looks like wind through the trees.)

I also finished the binding on Bill's string star quilt. I hope to be able to give it to him this week. I have not heard from him in a while..... need to find out how he's doing. The panto used was "Symphony of Music". It has fun eighth and sixteenth notes and treble clefs.

Last but not least I'm trying some prepare ahead and freeze recipes. Nothing is cooked but most of the ingredients have been chopped and/or measured then frozen. Yesterday I packaged up 4 different dinners using chicken breasts I found on sale. Yeah.... there are businesses where you can go and assemble meals quicker but I'm hoping I can do the same thing for a whole lot less than the $3+ per serving. Check out Leanne's site if the concept interests you.


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