Sweet 16

Tomorrow my youngest (in the middle) will be 16. Sweet is definitely an excellent descriptor. She was always so happy and mellow as a baby. I noticed her sensitive side as a toddler when she would come up to me and say "Mommy, happy?" when I was having a particularly frustrating day. Being the youngest probably gave her a maturity beyond that of others her age. She had to keep up with her older siblings. She has grown into a compassionate, thoughtful, intelligent, loving young lady. Happy birthday, Angel!

She especially loves animals, in particular cats. Last Spring I posted about the idea I had for a 16th birthday gift. Well that idea became a reality in July when a bronze male Egyptian Mau kitten was born at a cattery we had been working with. I heard from the breeder on Friday and the kitten is ready.

The catch is, because of conflicts in both our schedules, this weekend and next weekend are the only open dates for both of us over the next 6 weeks. Yikes.... I was hoping the breeder would be ok with next weekend because getting ready in less than 24 hours for a trip of that distance would have been a challenge. Thank goodness she was. So next Friday Ace and I will depart in the wee hours of the morning. We will break up the trip into 4 days. I estimate driving time to be 17 hours each way. We will stop and see my other daughter in SLO between classes on Friday and Monday(mom's always good for a meal). Friday and Sunday night we'll stay with my SIL in Northern CA and Saturday night we will be picking up one of these little guys.

Jimmy Buffett wrote a song many, many years ago to his young daughter, Savannah Jane. My eyes get a bit watery when I listen to it, even now....

Jimmy Buffett

She's constantly amazed by the blades of
the fan on the ceiling
And the funny little faces she makes
can't help but be appealing
She loves to ride through the town with the top down
Feel the warm breeze on her gentle skin
She is my next of kin

I see a little more of me everyday
I catch a little more moustache turning grey
Your mother is the only other woman for me
Little Miss Magic what you gonna be?

Sometimes I catch her dreaming and wonder
where that little mind meanders
Is she down along the shore or
strolling cross the broad Savannah's
I know in time she'll learn to make up her own mind
In time she's gonna learn to fly
Oh that I won't deny

It's been such a blessing to have you in our family Ace. I can't wait to see "what you gonna be".



Lynn Douglass said…
Happy birthday to your lovely daughter! The picture of the new kitty babies is adorable. I hope you have a great road trip!

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