Good day to quilt

We had a pretty steady downpour of rain all day today. I'm guessing we had at least an inch. I know it's not the snow or larger amounts of rain many folks around the country are experiencing but it's a big deal for us because we are in the midst of a drought. I hope the rain didn't come too fast for the burn areas tho.... there is no vegetation to keep the slopes from sliding.

It was a perfect day to stay inside and quilt. I finished the last customer quilt I had on hand. The gal picked a panto that was new to me... one I had just purchased. I really like the way it quilted up. It's called Heartstrings by Jodi Beamish/Willowleaf Studios.
I hope you can see it in the photo. It's perfect with the heart theme in her quilt.

Till two other customer quilts arrive, I'm going to work on some personal things. Perhaps I can make headway on some UFO's or HeartStrings quilts. Yay for weekends.


Vicki W said…
The panto is perfect on that quilt!
Randi said…
What a beautiful log cabin! Glad you are getting some rain!
Elaine Adair said…
What a pretty pink log cabin! Your quilting design is lovely.

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