Good Timing

One of the blogs I read regularly is Judy L's. A couple days ago she wrote this post on busting stash. That subject is near and dear to my heart at the present. Earlier this month I started a year on the No Buy list at the Stashbusters Yahoo Group. So it appears great minds think alike...LOL or maybe our excesses are getting on our collective nerve at the same time... or perhaps we just need the room. Whatever the motivation it seems several quilters have come to the same place... the reality we will have a hard time using what we have on hand in our lifetime.

Here is my latest contribution to the goal. This was one of Judy's QFAH patterns. The entire quilt is from stash, old stash, top and back. I'm stitching down the binding then it's off to it's new home with my aunt and uncle.

So Judy, count me in. I'll play.

Today at quilt class I passed along another HeartStrings quilt to a classmate for binding handwork. I'm grateful the gals are willing to help me with the HS project. During the sharing part of class, Donna (remember the gal who gave me 36 pink and blue string blocks?) pulled out a bag with more string blocks.... 84 this time. Amazing!!

My mom's cranberry sauce recipe is made and blending it's flavors for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. It's a finely chopped non cooked sauce with cranberries, navel oranges, nuts and the secret ingredient, liqueur. Mom used brandy but I've personalized it with Cointreau. Mmmmm... anticipation. I'm also making a Garlicky Green Beans dish. I did a test run on the beans last week. Got two enthusiastic thumbs up from DH and DD. Tomorrow will find us over the river and thru the hills..... to my SIL's place.

One of my favorite sayings: Gratitude is an attitude. I try to make an inventory of my blessings a daily routine. On this Thanksgiving eve I wish you the blessing of a grateful heart.


Vicki W said…
Your QFAH turned out so much better than mine! I really like it. My Mom did hers with a similar color scheme. I went totally astray on mine. But it's all OK because I used up some stash to get it done!
Mary said…
I like this version of Judy's QFAH, I didn't do this one.

Isn't it wonderful working on HeartStrings quilts with others? It's so nice that you've been able to inspire others to work with you.
JudyL said…
Love your QFAH! And, glad to have you stashbustin' with us!
JudyL said…
I should've asked in my earlier comment - did you use a panto for that quilt? If so, what is it? I like it! Thanks!
Helen in the UK said…
Congrats on your stashbusting efforts and on getting other onboard to help with the HeartString quilts :)
Kucki68 said…
I love this one of Judy's Quilt in an Hour. I still want to make it.

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