Thoughts on stash reduction

I find it fascinating that several quilters in blogland have arrived at the same place on the subject of fabric in their stash. No doubt different events or situations brought each to that place. You could call it a coincidence or even providence. What ever it was, I'm glad for the company. Commonality is a wonderful provider of support.

Why do I want to reduce my stash? If you had asked me that question a year ago, you would have gotten a very different answer. So I must digress.

I'm a hoarder. If having one of something is good, three is better. Besides you never know when you might need something. Most of the items have a sentimental attachment to them; my reason for keeping them being I would forget the memory if I got rid of the item. What finally woke me up was the realization that clutter and disorganization is very distracting to me. I can't concentrate if a room is messy or loud and I get frustrated to no end if I can't find something.

The good news is the epiphany has brought about change. What was a gradual build up to chaos is slowly reversing itself. A couple rooms are peaceful refuges once again. What does all this have to do with my fabric stash? Well..... you see..... I had fabric stashed all over the house. There were WIPs, WHIMMs and UFOs in most every room. I had card board boxes and plastic tubs filled with fabric sorted by color stored in 3 different bedroom closets. I would like to say I have it all in one place now but just yesterday I found a few more yards in a bag. Earlier this week I listed all the UFO's I could find. I didn't list out the WHIMMs..... a few fabric bundles I've kept together just because they go together... with no particular pattern in mind currently. There is more here than I would have guessed a year ago.

So, in a nutshell, that's my reason for wanting to bust stash. Now that my head is out of the proverbial sand, I'm confident I can curb my fabric purchases and make substantial headway using the stockpile. By the first of the year, I plan to set some specific goals to reach for.


Kathie said…
Karen I am with you!
I totally understand and am looking forward to seeing what you make from your stash in the next few months.
Vicki W said…
You have lots of company in this endeavor. Good luck!

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