We can breathe again

Thank you all for your emails. And I apologize if my blog absence caused concern. We had a couple of rough days but the closest the fire got to us was 4 miles. Pretty far in most cases but the wind was so strong nobody really new where the fire was going. Thank goodness the wind changed direction.... at least for us. I think the final count of homes lost was 1588 in San Diego County. My DH just got back yesterday from a trip to our trailer in the desert. You have to drive through some of the hard hit areas to get there. He said it was real random, what was burned and what was saved. I'm not looking forward to that drive. So sad...

I have been wanting to post.... really. Sometimes things just work against me. Like this weekend. I spent it at the vet, urgent care and cleaning all I could get my hands on. Somehow DD#2 and one of the cats developed the fungus Ringworm. Poor Jasper is quarantined in one of the spare bedrooms and everything's been washed, including the dog and all 4 cats. I've got the battle scratches to show for it. Hopefully the worst is behind us.

I've been quilting on the longarm. It's really weird but I finished up all my customer quilts and have no more in the queue. I have a feeling once the word gets out I have time to quilt some last minute Christmas gifts, things will change. In the meantime, I'm trying to get my own projects done.

Organizing my workroom is an ongoing project. I'm trying to straighten up the house for the holidays so finding new homes for things is part of the process. I've been struggling with how to store my pantographs. Some of the office supply organizers looked like they had potential but were a bit pricey and then there was the question of where the organizer would go. Space is a premium in our little house. I've even gone so far as to speak with other local LAers to see how they store theirs. Then one recent morning I had a DUH moment. Once upon a time, a couple years ago, I sold rubber stamps through workshops, catalogs and home parties. My husband converted a printers flat file cabinet to hold my stamp inventory. As I've let that business/hobby go, quilting supplies have moved in and replaced the stamping stuff. My fabric stash now lives where the paper used to be. So WHY couldn't I move a few stamps and use one of the drawers for pantos? DUH!! Check this out. Very easily accessible, easy to see the pattern names and best of all, there are more drawers if I need them. *VBG*


Vicki W said…
Glad you were not directly impacted by the fires. Your new panto storage is just perfect!
So glad you were just busy and not homeless. Thank you for posting and letting us all know you are safe. Love the idea for panto storage.
Lisa said…
Whew! Glad you are okay!
Love your panto storage! I use a set of shoe shelves for mine, but I love the idea that yours won't get dusty (not that mine spend enough time in there to get dusty)!
Helen in the UK said…
So pleased to hear you are safe. It is frightening how these things spread :)
Glad you survived the fires intact. How stressful thinking you might have to evacuate. Could you have fitted the entire stash in the car?

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