A blonde moment

I'm laughing at myself a bit. I wanted to trace an older panto onto wider paper; two rows so I wouldn't have to advance the fabric as frequently. I found a roll of paper that appeared to be blank. I unrolled it at least 4' and didn't see anything, so I took an exacto knife, scored the length I needed, then started rotating the roll, cutting through the layers. Once through, the cross section looked weird. I ended up cutting through a panto.... one I had never used. Geez. It was one that came with my machine and since it wasn't something I was likely to use, I decided to flip the paper over and copy the panto as planned. It was a little tricky copying the pattern through the other pattern but the quilting was much quicker, so it was worth it. Note to self..... get some blank rolls of paper.

On the quilting front, I'm finally able to post a photo of a finish. This quilt was a Christmas gift for my friend and I gave it to her this past weekend, so now it is safe to share. It's a One Block Wonder quilt. The fabric is an older Hoffman poinsettia from my stash and the quilting was a panto called Poinsettia. Instead of cutting off the points of the side hexagons, I appliqued those to the side borders first.
When I went to download the quilt photo I found some other photos on the card. My DH has his own digital camera but if mine is more accessable..... well, this is what I found. Pretty cute. :cD Miles and Cosmo napping.

I have one last customer quilt on the LA. I'll have that done tomorrow. I'm hoping to get my MIL's quilt done by Christmas Day too. It's a stunning quilt.... stay tuned for photos. Till those two quilts are quilted, my projects will wait in the wings.


Helen in the UK said…
That one block wonder is STUNNING. Your friend is one lucky lady :)
what a gorgeous quilt and adorable cats!!
Ruthie said…
I love your one block wonder!
Mary said…
I agree - lucky friend! I'm giving away my Ice Cream quilt tomorrow when my DIL gets here - I'll be sorry to see that one go.

I HATE buying pantographs that don't come with the partial rows at the top and bottom - how hard can it possibly be to add them when they're printing the rolls?
Lissa Jane said…
I love the one block wonder quilt.. its a ripper that one!

and I have a cat called Cosmo too, he is affectionately known as 'Cosmo the Ba$tard cat'.. Cosmo is short for Cosmopolitan (a favourite drink of mine) he is the cat brother to Bailey the Wonderdog (hmm see a theme happening here??)

Happy to new year to you :O)

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