First of the season

No, it's not snow (we're in coastal So. Calif....*g*) It's Christmas cookies. I'll get others baked to share on the holiday but here are some I made yesterday. Today is the last music lesson for the year so some of these are for her teacher & shop staff. The rest will go with me to the CV guild meeting tonight.These are amazingly good, soft and chewy, eggnog cookies. The recipe is from an out of print cookie cookbook by Mrs. Fields. I don't know the copyright rules for out of print items.... if someone will let me know, I could possibly share it with you.

Speaking of music, last night Ace performed with the community band in the Holiday Concert. Well, .... there was half holiday music and half music that was to be played at a concert that was cancelled the week of the fires. The first photo is from the postponed music portion. Ace is the trumpet player on the end with her blond hair in a ponytail. The young man on her right is a friend of 5 years.They have a funny, somewhat competitive friendship. It does make me smile at times! This next photo is from the Holiday portion of the program. Missy gave me a funny face but Brian didn't cooperate at all, so I cropped him out. :c) Shortly after these photos were taken my camera battery died, so this is all I got. Yes, the cuff of the Santa hat says Feliz Navidad. Brian's dad commented at the end of the concert this was the first year he could remember the kids NOT playing that song. Oh darn! ;c) All joking aside, I do treasure being able to hear my kids play their instruments in a band setting.

On a fun aside ..... this is a community band, which means there are musicians of all ages playing. There are many HS students like Ace, several working folk, including a couple music teachers and quite a few retired people. The director is the poster person for the energizer bunny... he's well into his 70's. At the last practice before the performance, he announced his upcoming marriage to the band librarian and invited all the band members to come. *vbg* All the kids I talked to are making arrangements to go. My older daughter played her flute for Ed for several years and wants to go to the wedding too. Cross age stuff like this makes me smile!


I would love a copy of the eggnog cookie recipe. Can you email it to me?


Patchwork Penguin

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